I am not a newbie I play about 24 years and I have a long journey of games before me count me in of course,only the best titles will get my subscribes ;)




I dont like where that hand is going...>.>

lol it was the first i saw too :DDDDD


Subscribed already your work is so good so far....but again give me some big boss to beat mission in episode 5 ok :) ;) honor


Another good job so far :))) honor

Frequently Asked Questions

Well,everybody can defeat that rift entity...even for me.

lol he's got the point there yeah I myself did beat him 2 times ;)

A Chained Destiny

Big talking and demo isn't anywhere...what's up?
I said it's coming soon.
It will be up later today or tomorrow.

my mistake i messed up the date i thought it's january of this year :DDD I will be waiting then i subscribed already because it looks great ;)

A Chained Destiny

Big talking and demo isn't anywhere...what's up?

Bug Reports

I keep getting an error that says unable to find file graphics/titles1/universe

Hey bro this page is for game bugs not for bugs for your lack of information and inteligence...But yeah i know no one have to know everything,no? :)

Scima Invasion Crew

Hey boss i nominated it for a game of the year that mean if you don't screw up otherwise.I will nominate wee hero.But if you screw up that super piece of work wee hero i will punch you to the nose :D !!! give it your best shot ;) honor

Scima Invasion Crew

It was fun, I love collecting equippable items and potions. Love the different classes and their dynamics together. I wish we could choose who we bring in the beginning though as I liked Elena and Samus the best in terms of how they looked.
We both appreciate that you have fun Brady there is going to be best if he keep up on the right track :) no Boss? :D honor

Scima Invasion Crew

You are the boss.I will try your piece of work tomorrow because i have now full hands on Crysis 3 on my lovely gaming pc....but otherwise your game is really a good piece of work and your improvements on bosses and all that looks like something you must of course use even in ..Wee Hero.. give into wee hero some ultra hp boss i will be much much happy to fight someone that will stand for a long time in wee hero with ability to snap mana it will be a great oppurtunity to remind some great games like FF X bosses like omega and ultima and if the appeareance of boss will be the same as true omega from FF i will destroy even my pc if i should lose to that piece of trash :DDD....and dragons won't be bad idea too...I am friend full of ideas how great game have to look and if we will put our ideas together i trust that wee hero will be even better because of complexity it matters the most for almost two days i played skyrim again and because of your wee hero i must play it again it reminds me that much of skyrim that i must play again...that's a signal that your games are on the right track to be a good pieces :))) And never mind the music I am the end they aren't that bad :) honor and GN ;)