I am not a newbie I play about 24 years and I have a long journey of games before me count me in of course,only the best titles will get my subscribes ;)



Scima Invasion Crew

You know the best thing is i used 3 combat specialists and one infinite healer because of your mana swap :D infinite mana :DDD and the game has a real problem every boss goes under 2 minutes even the final boss was under 3 minutes...i dunno if you know xenosaga or final fantasy X but the final bosses was a real baddasses that can't be killed under 30 minutes...if your secret boss is that strong i mean only in this game as an example a boss that have 50k will suffice as threat enough and he doesn't must have much strength just to prolong the battle :))) i look forward to that music by the way I understand you :) honor

Scima Invasion Crew

I mean battles and don't be mad bro :) you are doing good pieces :) honor

Scima Invasion Crew

I must say the first thing that suck is the must increase on level as increase the difficulty of battles trust me not one bmg it was first that caught my eye it's really a problem try to level up music like it was on wee hero but add more and more music...I want to say first boss-some slow metal cover...mid boss-some faster cover...and final boss my ears must bleed from the metal cover....everything so far look good on the other side...characters ok facesets ok abilities great and dificulty is more and more increasing as you something with that music really no one wants only one song whole game release again with song and i will even nominate it for songs too :)))

Scima Invasion Crew

I will be first...I will let you know of course ;)..honor

Scima Invasion Crew

Then it's clear count nearly the supplies needed and it can be beated no? :) honor


That's what i am talking your ideas are really good :) You are a sadist aren't you :DDD I'll try to conserve as much as i can then :) AND GIVE ME THE LINK ALREADY,I MUST GO TO BED! :D...honor

Scima Invasion Crew

hahahaha :D You can't beat your product? Beat Be sure that I will of course run it three times and when I try the rush mode i will write you honestly if I did it or not :) 10 bosses good good :))) honor


If i only have you and your keyboard as you write that sorry blog on the end of the game...I should break you yesterday :D !!! I am more sadist :D

Platforming Removed.

I know your work will be good enough even that :) honor


It's a pity there are no strengths and weaknesses...because in digital devil saga as example it really goes against you or for you...that's your decision :) You say maintain supplies for several fight to even survive? yes we will see release the game then ! :D :) honor