The Works of an Icy Cactus

They Look really cool i can some characters have this Phantasy star kinda style mixed with fire emblem...keep it up.

Black Panther vs Black Lightning!

There seem to be a trend here...both shows have the word "black" in it..and both have a super-hero setting.
Both have a high Rotten tomatoe score especially "Black Lightning" with 100%
the show looks really promising...tho the hero reminds me of static shock which was a great show too.
So what's your opinion?..is DC trying to mimic Marvel's Black panther ?..or it is just a coincidence?
and who is better?...
Black Panther or Black Lightning?

[Poll] Darndest Things 2: Chompy poll *closed*

chenbaiwant's chompy is T H I C C

[Poll] Darndest Things 2: Big Pig poll *closed*

I voted for piano's because it has a giant gay turd with pennies on the pig's head and it just really great..bart's one have this Lufia-ish style style to it which looks really neat.

Darndest Things 2

@Redmask I love the whole mysterious and si fi your megalord is it gives it more creepier aesthetic...nice.

Darndest Things 2

Darndest Things 2

just finished them today...should i seperate them? since they are in the same order as above..

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

just some Front view 8-bit style sprites that i doodled in my freetime...

Can't Be Stopped

Looks great.Keep it up.

RMN 9th Birthday Bash!

Iddalai:Thanks Iddalai for playing game...And yeah the music is meant to play afterwards until the the hugeassnake this boss will trigger Flare when you cast a blackmagic spell or something else he doesn't do that with me..and the yes the finalboss did have musuc but i screwed up in the last minute (after the reupload).

And about the second plugin it called "RagnaDyn" the really cool thing about it is that you can make a skill ignore reflect effect by checking a atribute called "%3"..
there is some other stuff you can do with it..

Mirak:It not your computer it just that i forgot to add FullPackageFlag=1 to the .ini file. i'll be reuploading the game with the fixes..if libby accepted my request...