8-Bit Monster Sprite Pack

Excellent work on these, quite intricate sprite work! May have to yoink some of them for a quasi-8-bit game I'm working on~

no problem buddy it'll be great if someone used them!

Taking Drawing Requests (MSpaint Edition)

Elliot Rodger and Adam Lanza kissing.

Please, i need this.

sauce me daddyI mean uh... how's about Erdrick from Dragon Quest doing dragon-warrior stuff?

Taking Drawing Requests (MSpaint Edition)

Machoke holding a Clefairy holding a jigglypuff holding a gunEl Macho from Despicable Me 2 wielding spaghetti

Taking Drawing Requests (MSpaint Edition)

Clefairy holding a jigglypuff holding a gun?

Taking Drawing Requests (MSpaint Edition)

How about... jigglypuff with a gun?

Here you go buddy:

Taking Drawing Requests (MSpaint Edition)

Rider Here!
I'll be taking requests from now on,any thing goes.The only criteria that i have that it must be drawn in MS paint.So i will be doing request in order.
Here some doodle to have a glimps of what to be expected

Silly Doodles:

[Event] RMN Mascot

some WIP sketchs i might scratch it all together and stick to a simpler design

The Works of an Icy Cactus

They Look really cool i can some characters have this Phantasy star kinda style mixed with fire emblem...keep it up.

Black Panther vs Black Lightning!

There seem to be a trend here...both shows have the word "black" in it..and both have a super-hero setting.
Both have a high Rotten tomatoe score especially "Black Lightning" with 100%
the show looks really promising...tho the hero reminds me of static shock which was a great show too.
So what's your opinion?..is DC trying to mimic Marvel's Black panther ?..or it is just a coincidence?
and who is better?...
Black Panther or Black Lightning?

[Poll] Darndest Things 2: Chompy poll *closed*

chenbaiwant's chompy is T H I C C