I've been an active member for quite a few years now. I started my RMN career by releasing the Eden Legacy Trilogy of games (each entry took 4 months of nonstop work) within one year, and I've gradually shifted to creating other games as well. I now have 3 flagship series: Eden Legacy, Fragile Hearts, and Mafiosi (being remade for commercial release as Crime Opera). I'm pretty much solely focused on the Crime Opera series of visual novels right now, as my band and job currently take up most of my free time.

Currently working on
-Crime Opera Trilogy (Mafiosi 1, 2, & 3 edited, with all original resources)
-It's a secret...
Crime Opera II: The Floo...
The kids have grown up, and they're becoming quite dangerous.



Blog #7- Book 3 Preview

ch.13 has now been completed.

I may have too many games on my "to make" list.

So Breath of Fire 6 was announced to be on its way...

... I didn't think this could EVER be bad news... alas, I stand corrected :(


Looks excellent!

Fragile Hearts 2: Shattered Dreams

Thx, I may just do that for the next release (not quite sure when that will be atm).


Totally agree, Marrend. I actually feel sick to my stomach writing from Burtie's point of view, he has some real problems that surpass even Amy's schizophrenic delusions.

Blog #6 - Part 2 (chapters 7-12) Now Available!

Quick Update: spiffed up the profile a bit. Doesn't seem to be showing up right with Opera browser, but Firefox seems to show it right.

Crime Opera: The Butterfly Effect

Heh... well, there's definitely more to it than just swearing. I actually found parts of this novel disturbing to write, there's plenty of sex and violence throughout.

Keep in mind though, I still have 12 chapters left to write and things will be even crazier as it moves along.

Blog #5 - Part 2 nearing release!

Ch. 12 is done! Should be ready for download in the next couple of days.

News for all :O

True to my word, I finally finished off episode 2 (minus the battles + item placement, which will come at the end of development for particular reasons).

Here's hoping I'm now completely back on track :)