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Stray Cat Crossing

When's the full release? :)


These are beautiful.

M.O.G. Graphics

Yuna how did you become that good at pixelling backgrounds like that?
Practice, obviously! :p Now I'd better get to drawing my red-footed wamp...
OK here's a title/game over screen/parallax/battleback that looks like it's made of art glass. . .
and another of strange glowing ice. They're sans words so titles can be added. All sized for ACE.

(Feedback please!) I havne't set up a license yet, but please consider this remixable and usable if attributed.
This looks like a decent fractal.

Are you familiar with fractal art?

M.O.G. Graphics

Making my own tileset equals

Is this even an attempt. I'd say this a masterpiece.

Stray Cat Crossing

thanks, sinnelius! sorry about the length; hopefully, the full game will be longer w/ more puzzle variety.
we started working in july/august, so ~3 months?

3 months, full time? I am amazed, you did well!

How did you go about the workload?

M.O.G. Graphics

Please post more battle screens folksss.

Stray Cat Crossing

Just tried the full game!

Although it felt too short and fell into the Press-X-on-everything after awhile,
it has great writings and man, what an artstyle!
Amazing experience! FInally something to review perhaps, so please finish it!

One question, how long did youtake to make this demo?


I'm a sucker for this kind of layout.

M.O.G. Creation

Must it be resources from previous MOG?

Exeunt Omnes

Walkthrough updated!

The Kant reference is
all the way to the bottom left, it's tricky to get there because you have to stay as much to the left as possible when going down, while Hero's comment drags you to the right.

Immanuel Kant is a very influential German thinker whose most important writings are impossible to read without becoming either mad or a philosopher :P A large part of subsequent philosophy, like Nietzsche, has been in reaction to Kant. So it's a prime target for apprentice philosophers to criticize so as to feel superior, exactly like our teen protagonist!

That was kinda, practical isn't it?
Leftist vs Rightist idea?