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Can you share with me Imagine's model, or some of it? I am a 3d modeller myself, and i would love to see their edgeflow and such...and maybe create game of similar quality.


Looks great!

Does it utilize ATB?


Is this from IMAGINE?

M.O.G. Graphics

Not so keen on achievements... just want to have something good to start in the community.

I genuinely want to help upgrading the website or something, but my skills are not even there.

Not finishing something is like, general sickness in any kind of project...
So i want to make sure i can hit a deadline at least, and deliver something of quality.

What did you work on?

M.O.G. Graphics

We need a limit so this is not a quantity game.

Maybe something enough for a short story?
3 rooms, 3 character, few monsters?

Because if not, i'd rather team up with people.

M.O.G. Graphics

I mean, how much should we create to fit in as a whole and complete package?

M.O.G. Graphics

Have never opened a tileset.
How much is enough?

Peri's assorted art

Would be cool to see you make yet own game. :D

New Persona 5 Teaser

Now if only it's on PC...

And the guy got called "Potter" by fans.

Fundamental RPGology

Damn, i just got here.

Good luck to all the contestants!

Looking forward to play some classic rpgs. And i love that layout above.