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Exeunt Omnes's a conversation game!

Stray Cat Crossing

Man, i'm thrilled!

M.O.G. Graphics

Wow...halloween much?

[Workflow Improvement] Event Management Tool

Pretty neat !! Hoping the workflow will include everything , until adding animation.

[art] [sinnelius] [design] Commision!

author=Max McGee
EDIT: Derpaderpaderpa I don't know how to use Deviantart correctly.

Me neither, i just roll on the floor crying until the thing arranges itself.

[art] [sinnelius] [design] Commision!

Thank you pianotm, will post more!

As for liberty, i don't know about specs...i am just starting so, how about 16$ until you are happy for now?
5 slots until the end of november. You get your large psd.

Some art.

[art] [sinnelius] [design] Commision!

Will be opening commisions starting from 20$ at least.

I need to know what do you all mostly need for that kind of price?
Name the item and i'll see if i can provide you some good samples to see.

Please check my gallery too!

Monster Illustrator, Animation, and Character Design

Oh wow, awesome use of the blur effect to imply depth! The vibrancy of the blue skin and the yellow stripes is quite beautiful, too =D Not to mention the muscular detail.

Thank you!

And i just realized you are a fellow Indonesian. :D
You make some nice music.

Monster Illustrator, Animation, and Character Design

So...what about the leviathan again?

Anyway, i am on digimon, sharing some art here.
So glad and thankful of all the responses :D

I just wanna talk about early digimon goodness now.

Free Music Resource

you have nice talent. I would commision you if i know how to talk about music with you for some custom melody.