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A Freelance Artist Looking for Work

I would really like to use them but.

it's so messy and hard.

Not that i make anything better.
it's just...kinda not ready for games.

Do you program?

3d game engine?

Ah, thanks. Pretty damn rare, game engines for 3d that are actually functional.

Wonder how folks at Sony and nintendo does it...

[RMVX ACE] Assistance needed!

Here at Bulldozer Studios, we pride ourselves in being able to deliver our products without having to bother other people to help us with any problems that crop up. The only time we've seriously come to requests others aid is when our old system died and took the original Bella's Mansion 1 files with it, making it impossible to update that game and fix a major bug. But thanks to your help, we were able to crack the game and put out another update. You have no idea how welcome it was to have that issue repaired.

Unfortunately, we seem to be in desperate need of your help again. This time regarding Bella's Mansion 2, the sequel to the original game that just started active development.

All of the assets we've constructed & found to use for the game have one common problem that renders them almost useless: THE BLACK BACKGROUND. It's on the character sprites, the tilesets, and even some of the face portraits!

We barely have any free time to work on this project right now, and we have no money to put out to get a professional image editing software ( one that works on Vista, anyway ), or hire someone to fix our assets for us. Is there any way for us to fix the games assets WITHOUT breaking the bank? Otherwise, the game may take until 2018 to release.

Save it to another format. JPGs maybe. It seems like the interlaced takes in the transparency channel.

Open for collaborations! Animation and illustration editing and consultations

New stuffs from my gallery!

3d game engine?

Awesome, thanks!

I also found out about game maker's 3d feature... are you aware?
There is this:

You should check out the engine pages though! (Development header > Engines)

3d game engine?

Um, looking for 3d game engines that can export to variety of platforms, pc, android, webs.... that's not unity. or unreal.

Something friendly as rpgmaker perhaps?

Revenant Gods - Ragnarok Chronicle

Why is this too awesome.

[RMVX ACE] Finding a partner or two for projects.

He seems new.

What do you need Dave?
what kind of games do you enjoy making?

Stardust Saga Progress Report 1

Animals crossing's graphic is pretty damn hypnotic i suppose.

How do you make a smooth difficulty curve?

[RMVX ACE] Grain - Take 2

the style of this game is...kinda beyond me.

I can try contributing if you are interested. PM me if you want to check my artwork,
which of course, is kinda browsable through my profile. :)