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Walking The Line: Development vs. Promotion

author=Max McGee
1) Leaving a scathingly negative review to a well paid and even famous professional is a completely different kettle of fish than doing so to an amateur dev who's grinding this shit out in his free time for no pay. I don't feel bad for Peter Molyneux if people are mean to him and his shitty games because he can cry himself to sleep on top of his heaping pile of money and groupies.
Sure. But amateur communities are always caught in a tension between trying to act like pros (including a lot of their promotion maneuvers) and wanting to remain hobbyists. Some people manage to represent the best of both worlds, other people the worst.

author=Max McGee
2) This is a more important point than the first. To be honest, I don't give nearly as much of a shit about whether I will find the mean words in a negative review discouraging. That's...whatever. To me, the larger issue is, whether or not I read it, whether or not I engage with it, a negative review, especially if it's the only review (or almost the only review) will discourage OTHER PEOPLE from trying the game.

How negative is negative?
Big AAA devs dances in their pile of money and groupies to make more games too.
So far i know, some would even bring the tiny fights to gather attention.

I mean, how useful is a critic? Harsh or even good?
The only one that matters is the audience, your decision making with your games,
and your money and resource.

Because if there is anything wrong with games and its audience attitude, is that it seems people undercharge themselves in order to look good and does not oversell themselves.

But i am sorry, this kind of idea stops your from being professional.

People with harsh mouths and rough fists deserve a beating or two, hypocrites and ignorant too. But if you are using the basis of the richer you are, the harsher the critic you should get, that's helping nobody.

Harsh critic will always be there like bad pills and bad documentary games.
They just do. And it'll take care of itself with all its design, gathering bad opinions and backlash. And this is also partly the "nice ones" problem because the margin is so far away that the nicer people almost sound ignorant (some probably are as ignorant as the flippant ones) and simply avoid bad opinion because it's cut of their precious time.

Amateurs don't deserve a detailed, flippant and subjective critics because it doesn't help them as much as the normal, sugar-coated, constructive opinion.
It requires a timely education to lead them into the more elaborate essay about what's good and what's kinda bad. And even when they go pro, the game trends are like weather. Mood swings and shit.

But opinion is needed as a part of marketing.

You should probably pick your fans like choosing friends and girlfriends:
Only keep the ones who enjoys your work and wants you to keep doing it for a good trade.

My point is, harsh and flippant critics gather its own bees much like hypocrites do. But we all only get to keep a few as our loyal ones anyway. Like loud, intrusive street protests, marketing only get as much as 15% of its audience, as the real buyer. Plus maybe 25 more percent in the long run.

The idea is to keep the talk running, like this essay here, maybe the net can help expose largely undiscovered games with reviews, and various other things.

[Writer] Seeking interested subjects for Project Badb

Mythical stories reminds me of Game of Thrones.
Do you avoid terrible scenes and taboo?


Prettty cool!

I think there should be a choice of graphic package for different platform.

The non AA looks cripy and great for PS2 look alike games,
With AA, it'll fit just fine in Android and Ipad.


SO, it's basically a multi platform and free? Whoa!
Any drawbacks?

Chance Encounter

What is that icon of yours from/

[Offer] Level Down Gaming - Recruiting members for upcoming RPG project

author=Max McGee

Digital RPGs: Here!

Analog RPGs: Here!

And lemme throw this in there too: Why Not.

And holy, you have a list of good games it seems.

[Offer] Level Down Gaming - Recruiting members for upcoming RPG project

I like to fill in but i am very specific in style and delivery, sounds like a problem?

How DO you price your work?

Popularity is not the rule. I mean, it shouldn't be, and you can't let it.

As cruel as it sounds, any jobs that doesn't pay you enough is not worth keeping.
Starting off you can charge little for exposures and friendship.
But imagine getting paid 15$ for a whole week? How are you going to get by on your groceries?

Working part time pays at least 7$ per hour, so you should charge at least that.
Working for a whole week means it should be around 7 times 10 hour of your work, considering you work that long, times 7 days, if including holidays.
That's at least 7 x 10 x 7 = 490, plus extra costs from water bills to your needed investments or tool upgrade, you should charge at least 1000 - 1500 for a whole week of (quality) work.

But don't let the your "quality" or "style" becomes your drawback.
Your delivery, thoughts and involvement is what counts, and that means you need to be involved in the project you do, like, really involved.
So it's not really about the money, more about keeping you functional in a project.
You are the gear in it, and unless they get somebody else, which costs the time and effort too, you'll need to charge accordingly so you can remain fresh as you work with them.

Of course you can say, some fan projects that doesn't pay much.
That's entirely your choice.

But basically, if you want this to be your full time job, it better pays as much as your living standard, cars, houses, family and what not.

But when you are beginning, be passionate.
That's probably the best mental investment you ever needed in hard times.
Because if you charge little, better learn yourself some programming, make your own games, while working in Mcdonalds or 7/11. They pay alot more and your work technically price less than a bag of potato chip.


Hmmm, i would love to be your testers
I am still learning about making game anyway.
And i am very interested to create assets to be implemented!

I have some things going on at the moment, i'll contact you again. :)
Let's keep in touch.


when will the toolkit be ready? :D