Release the Dead

backstage 2 needs to be finished for some reason the creator just gave up and cancelled it.

Labyronia RPG

the game keeps crashing for me its nimeton with a hyphen over the o but it doesn't


im kind of stuck on the doll puzzle ive tried every combination

Alone in the Dark

ive ran into a problem unable to find file audio/se/decision is missing

Backstage II

i dont get why he decided to cancel the game which sucks because i have been waiting for the game to be finished.

Backstage II

i wonder why this game is taking so long to get released what is the hold up this game should have been completed a while ago


the monster hallucination that appears on the screen.


oh yeah the bug i encountered was my character getting stuck off screen after a hallucination


what happened to the english translation.


stephen king did return to the setting of jerusalems lot with the vampire story salem's lot
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