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Zombie Outbreak
Survival game...


Beef up my Java/C/C++ knowledge and experience

I study computer science and I want to prepare for my final year as I have to do a very hard programming based project and I would like to make it easier for myself by starting now. I have fairly basic knowledge of Java, C/C++ and I would like to get more experience under my belt by taking on small projects which gradually help me raise my experience, I'm open to suggestions.

Item Storage System

Hey guys, I need help trying to event a item storage system, I have no idea how to do it, I have a fairly weak knowledge of what a pointer is but I don't know how to implement it and I'm requesting any ideas on how to do this?

My idea on how to do this is this:
In the game there will be various space for items to be stored, like for E.g. In the boot of a vehicle, cabinets, cupboards, crates, caches, chests and so on... each will have their own storage capacity. E.g. a chest will have 10 storage slots for 10 items to be stored. Allowing the player to withdraw and deposit items.
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