Soma Union Review

"There's only thing to say. When would the OSTs for Soma Spirits and Soma Union be for say on Bandcamp?"
They're up now! Enjoy.

Bought them :)

Soma Union

Beat the game. It's really good. Found a bug where when you try to get onto the high dive again after beating the area, the freezes on a black screen. MAybe that door should become locked after beating Larry.

Soma Union

Okay. I'm Stuck. I'm in the first intermission in the forest and made it to a familiar house. Explored the house a bit, found the rusty key, but I don't know what to do next? I tried the underside of the drawers but they do nothing.

Soma Union is COMPLETE!

Going to give this a go during the weekend.

Misaos: Soma Union voted Most Promising Demo!

Congrats on the reward.

Thank You for Voting for Weird and Unfortunate in the Misaos!

That's Great! You deserved it. :>

Small Extra Update

Quality of life improvements are always a good thing.


That's either an easter egg or foreshadowing considering what that thing is.

Weird and Unfortunate Things are Happening Review

And if you’re wondering about my nicknames for the parasite’s: they are Mr. Cute, Mr. Flower. Mr. Orange and
This seems to be trailing off into nothingness as well?

*Edit: I'm literally just noticing when this was written.

*nervous laughter*

Huh? I had a little joke about a spoiler saying the infomation wasn't available? Guess it didn't paste it correctly.

And about when this was written I actually removed my old review and put up my new one just now. No point in having a review on a half-finished up when the full game is right there.

Weird and Unfortunate Things are Happening

Updated my review of the game