Notes From Province

Has anyone figured out this puzzle? I'm really stuck D:

If I'm remembering correctly, you step on the right ice tile to crack it then the left ice tile and push the boulder to the right and it will fall through the right ice tile, then you jump to the left switch and just jump over to the right switch.

Shattered Hourglass

When the small cutscene triggers and you fall down the hole at the end of the sand tower, the screen goes dark when Juliet speaks and stays stuck that way, so you can't proceed. I'm using the latest 1.0.0 Final version with animated battlers.

The Star Rod Chronicles

Got some bugs
-In the find the wife's missing husband quest from Ostia, I failed the quest according to my quest journal even though I didn't. I suspect this is because I didn't talk to her before busting into her basement.
-If you enter a house in Everpoint you are trapped, because the house's exit leads back inside the house. This disappears during and after the orc quest.
-If you try to leave the vampire's castle from the front door after entering you will be met by a black screen forcing you to use the shortcut if you want to leave.
-This one might be on me. The torch puzzle in Nobunaga's Castle says the colors of the earth from right to left, I took this to mean the color spectrum. If I'm correct the torches from left to right should be (Blue,Green,Red) and not (Green, Blue, Red)
-The Aztec Village has a shop that sells 2 Lucky Charms
-The guard at the pass to Faymoor says the same thing if your leaving Faymoor through the pass, which makes no sense.
-Lantern is misspelled in key items
-In the pinemare mines at the end if you push the boulder on the switch that opens the way to the boss 1st you can't place a boulder on the bottom switch to open what I assume is the top right gate. Leaving and reentering the dungeon will reset the boulders, but both buttons will be pressed.
-For the 1st objective of the Solomons temple quest, exiting to the world map from the tent that Amirah and her father are in makes you immovable. I've discovered this only occurs if you park the hot air balloon near to or perhaps anywhere in the desert. Moving the hot air balloon to another continent and coming back with your ship prevents this.

And some suggestions and comments
-My biggest annoyance with the game is the amount of enemies that poison you. After almost every battle I have to open my inventory and pop several of my hundred antidotes or use a negligible amount of mp on cure. It's not hard and not fun.
-On the way to Soclor in Perilogne, I suggest lowering Sarya's toll to pass to 50,000, the price you'd get selling the flawless diamond outside Zala's tower, on the off chance a player doesn't have enough from the diamond alone and possibly has to grind.
-In perilogne the merchant that buys your multi colored rings will not show you his inventory unless you have no rings or sell him one. I suggest changing this on the off chance someone doesn't want to sell the rings and still wants to shop. A thought that would not be uncommon given Arc's reward for holding onto a multi colored diamond ring earlier in the game instead of selling it.
-Maybe make the donations able to be donated faster at the Solomon Temple Church, it was mildly tedious.
-Several of the utility items seem largely useless and could easily be removed or expanded upon. The fishing rod is used to get just one item as far as I can tell and the water snow boots (forgot the name) are used very little near the end.
-And finally and most importantly during the arena event there was a kickboxing banana and later on the small island, the dimension of pure chaos. Could this be a reference to the stalwart champion Throthgar, say his name with reverent pride.

Theia - The Crimson Eclipse

I noticed, that I don't get the Master Forger Trophy after crafting all weapons and upgrading them to level 3. When you finish the game, you got an "S" for this part.

And yeah, there is some untranslated text in this game, even with some Latin knowledge, I had trouble to understand it and I don't trust Google Translator.
Especially in the Extremordeal are some explanations in Italian. Or during the Challanges in the Arenathale, when the Domain/Mastery is blocked (AutoFury/AutoSeal).

One problem with Salvation Barrier level 3 - it should give immunity to standard attacks, but the mastery decreases as soon as the enemy attacks - so it is unusable.

Ever tried to equip Horus with the Dominus Omega? - that bug hurts the ears he looks like dead (Horus as the Extra Character). But he stands up as soon a negative ailment is applied.

I got the master forger trophy just fine after fully upgrading all characters weapons. During the ranking at the end, the trophy rank and one other only goes up to an A instead of an S, which I found a little inconsistent since all others go to an S, provided you reach the requirements.

Theia - The Crimson Eclipse

Just finished this with an S rank on hard mode and completed/got everything except for 1 chest. Really amazing game and easily one of the best on the site and likely many other sites. There is quite a bit of untranslated text throughout the game. Most are one off lines and aren't that important, but the in battle dialogue like when facing
in Halderos, I feel is more important. I recall more than a few fights with in battle dialogue being untranslated. In the after story withered future there is a whole scene untranslated when talking to the wall in the ruins. You can't view details on
Lv.3 Genesis, because of an invalid image format. And Nion's gravity skill crashes the game, due to a file called Spezzagravit.2 not being able to be opened.

Touhou Fantasy

I don't see how this isn't an appropriate place to ask for help since this is the post section for this specific game which I'm having a problem and only this game. I've asked for help in others and offered bug advice and never have been told to get lost and go elsewhere, so if there is a rule I'm unaware of please enlighten me. I never intended to bring up DynRPG (Don't know enough about it)you did and I replied that I already tried your advice and reiterated that, in my limited knowledge of this engine and its games, I've never had issues with other games. I don't see how three posts, two of which were direct responses to previous posts, count as posting the same thing over and over. And I never intended to post again until I read your message.

Touhou Fantasy

Tried all that and restarted multiple times and came up with nothing. If it is DynRPG it would have to be something specific to this game that I haven't come across yet, because the numerous other rpgmaker 2003 games haven't presented an issue regardless of my videocard/settings/etc...

Touhou Fantasy

It no longer goes to fullscreen and messes with my resolution, but otherwise everything is the same. It opens in windowed mode completely black and doesn't respond then closes itself. I forgot to mention it temporarily reverts my desktop aero visual effects while it is open.

Touhou Fantasy

I'm running it from the folder itself and no error pops up. It goes directly to a black screen while changing my desktop resolution and then my mouse pointer pops up with the loading circle. and it just sits there not responding until I ctrl+alt+delete and close the program.

Touhou Fantasy

I would very much like to play this game, it seems interesting. But it is the only rpgmaker game I've encountered that refuses to start regardless of what I do. I have the 2003 rtp installed, all game/music files are there from the download page, and I've run it in every compatibility mode as admin.
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