Runic Cipher

The Orchid's Dream (Demo 1.0)

in the town ur looking for shawman..and after u enter blacksmiths house u get this error....unable to find file: graphics/tilesets/tile E
can u fix and reupload ...ty .wrzptorman...aka...alan

Dragonvale 2: Dark Winter

also after beating the 3 sisters...is that the end of demo???..cant go anywhere

else..but back into forest...if u do u can fight sisters again....alan

Dragonvale 2: Dark Winter

not to be an ass hole..but anyone test this??..sorry no offense,,,alan

Dragonvale 2: Dark Winter

no inn to use??..cant go into inn to heal?? my house doesent heal ...plus man still there..and when u want to go back inside..the freeze happends again..

Dragonvale 2: Dark Winter

what happened to dragonvale 1

Dragonvale 2: Dark Winter

applied patch as directed..but didnt fix anything??..dont know why..made new folder

in patch folder...put patch into it..but nothing>>..can u make it exe. file so it

will apply???...alan

Dragonvale 2: Dark Winter

ok found out why screen was black..was because main guy got killed and only talia

was alive,..,.,so i went back and made sure main guy was alive...and no black

screen..so if main guy gets killed in battle with 3 sisters..u will get that

screen..,maybe u can make it so if main guy gets killed there ...GAME OVER screen??

ty for replying..


Dragonvale 2: Dark Winter

will patch fix the arrow keys???

Dragonvale 2: Dark Winter

The patch is up

ok after u beat the 3 sisters...and u end up ion ur house...just before they leave to get mayor..the screen goes black....will patch fix that??
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