Holy hello! It's been 10 years already of the current site being up and around so it's time to celebrate!

Wow, 10 years... A lot of us weren't here ten years ago (myself included) and in that time we've seen so many faces come and go. So much talent, drive, initiative and invention. An incredible amount of dreams coming true, people pulling through and crafting, creation and positivity.

We've all grown as people, all helped craft a community where being open and friendly is the goal, and shared our hopes and dreams with each other, no matter where we come from or how old we are. And some of us are pretty damn old. ;p

Which brings us to the crux of this event - RMN is getting old, so let's reflect a while on where we came from and what inspired us to become game developers in the first place - whether it be hobbyist, professional or somewhere in-between. It's time to put on those nostalgia glasses and go back to where it all began. It's time to go...

The aim of this event is to create a simple retro-styled game over 10 days in celebration of RMN's 10th birthday!

Retro-styled can include either the gameplay, sound/music design, graphics or plot/story design. There are many games out there that count as retro, in different genres and with different visuals, so don't think you need to make a FF1 look-alike in order to hit the theme. Early Sonic, Mario, Leisure Suit Larry, Tetris, Zelda, Contra, Kirby, Megaman, Donkey Kong, Pong, Bomberman, Castlevania, Carmen Sandiago, Street Fighter, Alex the Kidd, Pacman... these are all games that hit the mark for retro. So don't feel as though you're limited to just jRPGs in this.

Here's a few sites where you can get a good idea of what Retro may mean:
Play Retro Games
Emulator Online
Retro Games

- You may start making your game on Saturday 3rd of June.
- Games must be completed before Monday the 12th of June.
- You may start collecting ideas, graphics, etc before the starting date, but no actually starting the game itself (in engine).
- Open to any engine, genre, etc as long as it abides by site rules.
- You may create a game page for the game, but to submit you will need to upload the file itself to the event page. Check FAQ for a how-to guide on submitting to the event.
- The game must abide by the theme of the event.

If you'd like to, there's a bonus challenge of making a game in 10 hours instead of 10 days. What this means is you must create the game within 10 hours over the course of the 10 day period, but that you can only use 10 hours of game development to make the game in. Again, it should abide by the theme of the event, and site rules regarding games. If you do take part in this challenge, make sure to note in the title of your game download that it's a 10 hour game by using the 10H tag.

Here's a Playlist of the gamepages that have been created for games from this event:

Only one gam?
Nope! You can go for more than one game, or be part of a team in one game and make your own personal game too. Hell, make a 10 day game and a 10 hour game! Go for gold!

How does resource???

How do I submit my game to the event?
Make sure that you have the game folder compressed in some way. You can do this a few ways. If the engine you use has an auto-compiler, that is one way. If it does not, download a free program like 7zip and right-mouse click on the folder the game is in, choosing the Compress Folder/Create Self-Extractor choice.

Ultimately you need a single file that holds all of your game's data, resources and misc to upload. Then on this page hit Submit in the top-right. Choose Browse to find your file and then submit it for upload. Leave the page open until it redirects to another page. Your game is now accepted to this event.


  • 06/03/2017 12:00 AM
  • 06/12/2017 02:59 AM
  • 07/24/2017 12:00 AM
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We all know she's not gonna make anything. :/
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Perren Storytellers
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Team of One
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Oldschool startup sound!
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Might actually be Magic this time (YAH, RIIIIIIIGHT!)
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I can't believe it's not Kloe
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Retro? What's retro again? XD no idea how this will turn out but still I'm going to make my best :)
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Veronica Cucamonga would like to battle!excepteveryaneweventmakes2k3staysat60FPSeventhoughIhave600+eventson1map
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Breath of Poke Survivor
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Let's make another detective game
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No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to Dy.
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Uncle Hexatona's Old Games for Old People
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Seiro's Lost Levels
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Take me to the back alley, i got pixels
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hello all :) enjoy the event !!
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0x0A-foot Pole
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Team Oceans Dream
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Antique Retrotica
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No idea what to make... Guess I'll remake my previous birthday gam
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JK It's too hard for 10 hours
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Team Silly Jam Game Somehow Turned Into My Magnum Opus
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RavenBlueindigo's Team
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Team Retro Infiltrator
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No Good (Start the Dance)
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god is dead
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Cafe Heart Team
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Amazing Title Screen and that's IT!
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Donald Trump be like ''I'll grope nes I see''
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5 Levels, 2½ Minutes, 1 Demo
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Ps3 is retro,right? J/K
64 flights of stairs
Ben 10-bit
My Shitty Little Game
÷C AS H M ER E÷ ÷C AT H O DE÷ ÷R AY÷ ÷TU B E÷
LockeZ Designs A Retro Boss Battle For You
In retrospect, I'm retroactively retrodicting a retrocession.
I got three quarters of the way through one map in 4 days...
Pata Team
Team This Is My Wheelhouse
Retro Metro (i'm not good at team names)
Team Won't Submit Anything For This Event
No pulse, no breath, cold as a cod.
I Built This Site, I Can Tear It Down
Something SMBX-y
Mark will try to make a horrible game again.
I am not going to submit a game due to sadness. Spoonz will never see light of day. Waiting for hate mail.
Hazelsoft Presents Retrosoft
Two-Sided Team


You guys are animals. I'm still ripping resources, never mind formatting, and I started last week D: Hope I don't run out of time.

I can almost guarantee I will run out of time. I've just barely scratched the story, still have graphics to edit, and I only have three more days I can work on it as my entire weekend is booked.
Your game reminds me of every walking sprite I have ever made. XD
Looking at the team names, team "Why am I not making my main game" is making me laugh and cry. XD

I was nearly done the next big build of my main project and was juuuust doing one last balancing pass when this event happened.
Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
Now that i realized that i won't have time to have battles in my game i don't know what else to put in it to make it worth anyone's time. Good writing it won't have because i'm not a writer. Minigames would take time to add. What else can i put in it?

Fetch quests? Fetch quests then.
Now that i realized that i won't have time to have battles in my game i don't know what else to put in it to make it worth anyone's time.

Fetch quests? Fetch quests then.

Postman's quest, A tale of two cities and their unionized delivery service, perhaps?

I see potential! XD
Damn I've missed out! >_<;

Nah, it's only Tuesday. You have until next Monday. Get started!
Now that i realized that i won't have time to have battles in my game i don't know what else to put in it to make it worth anyone's time. Good writing it won't have because i'm not a writer. Minigames would take time to add. What else can i put in it?

Fetch quests? Fetch quests then.

why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
we have fetch quests AND puzzles!!!!!!!!!! if you copy them i will stab you
Well I can't post screenshots because I'm at work so I'll post something else instead!

- General plot summary suffered first round of editing and most of it hit the floor. I had an entire toyline of villains get tossed because it's seriously a ten day game that I only really started yesterday (weekend was a wash). There's some unresolved stuff like is the main villain Lord Anaconda or Mordak the Malevolent (but only one) and if Kung the KungFu and Sofi the Sage will have any story presence beyond the start like DW2. With ten days and little actual content done I'm going to expect the floor to be a mess!

- I decided on a first draft of stats and general mechanics. Regular attacks are FF1-4 style of #ofHits * Damage calculation. The #ofHits isn't based on Hit% though but the weapon itself. The damage of each hit is based on STR and a multilier in the weapon minus the targets DEF. Some weapons are multiple but weak hits, some are few but heaver hits.

- Magic is the classic set damage range. I thought about Vancian casting but I wrote it off to avoid one more thing that wouldn't work at the last minute and the INT stat just gives MaxMP. Kung might get some STR spells or something, so far he's just designed to get a bunch of passives while the dog chews on the controller.

- Gear has weight and characters can only equip gear up to their WGHT stat. The only equipment restrictions is what a character can carry, there's nothing otherwise stopping Kung the bare chested martial artists from rolling around in Plate armor. Cribbed from Ultima basically although equipment capacity isn't tied to STR.

- In my attempt to not bother with compiling a tileset and using Ace's RTP I had to do so anyways. The indoor and outdoor tilesets are arranged in a way that makes it a pain to do the DW1-4 style maps as I'd like so I'm just putting the indoor and outdoor together to suit my needs.

- I actually have no idea what I'm going to do for music. Please look forward to it!

Teleport maze doesn't work, because transferring even to the same map resets the random encounter rate, and my teleport rooms (designed to look super similar enough to be mildly confusing, but with a few key differences) are too small to trigger an encounter properly.

So I tried using a "Jump to new room with dark screen" thing instead to simulate the teleport. ...Which causes my trailing party members to clip through the walls to reach the new point you just jumped to. :(

Welp, I might have to change ideas for floor #3, or just make the TP maze a lot simpler, with larger rooms that can trigger an encounter. >_>

I hope to finish making 3 dungeons floors by the end of today, although my hopes are not high. I have to go to bed early. Have to get up early for my graduation ceremony! :D

- Magic is the classic set damage range

Hey, we're magic system bros! :D

All of my magic damage is set damage too (no range), which mostly works because all of my damage values are very low (if you do double digit damage to an enemy, it's exciting).
You were using Ace right? It should be simple to go and change the encounter step counter so you can teleport without resetting it. Either a switch where if set it doesn't change the counter, or a way to read and set the counter so you can store it in a variable, teleport, then set it back to the variable's value for example. If you need help with it I can throw something together.

e: step encounter counter...?
You were using Ace right? It should be simple to go and change the encounter step counter so you can teleport without resetting it.

I can't seem to find where it resets the encounter rate on map transfer. Game_Player seems like it should have it, but I never see the Ruby Variable get reset on transfer at all.

Edit: If you can either find what I need to edit or make a microscript that makes resetting it go on a switch and it works, I will be forever in your debt and tag you as having worked on the game when it eventually gets a game page. :o
Alright, I looked it up and the method that sets the encounter step counter is
And the time it calls it during teleport is in the moveto method in Game_Player on line 179:
def moveto(x, y)
    center(x, y)
    vehicle.refresh if vehicle
    @followers.synchronize(x, y, direction)

We can just edit that method so it doesn't call make_encounter_count if a switch is set like so:
def moveto(x, y)
    center(x, y)
    make_encounter_count unless $game_switches[SWITCH_ID_HERE]
    vehicle.refresh if vehicle
    @followers.synchronize(x, y, direction)
Now when switch ID SWITCH_ID_HERE is set to ON it'll skip that line entirely during the moveto call.

Alternatively and more robustly we can change the make_encounter_count method so it just doesn't do shit when said switch is set to ON, like so:

class Game_Player < Game_Character

  alias :make_encounter_count_switch_control :make_encounter_count unless $@
  def make_encounter_count
    make_encounter_count_switch_control unless $game_switches[SWITCH_ID_HERE]
Which will alias the make_encounter_count method so we can replace it with a new one that'll simply call the aliased/original method unless the given switch SWITCH_ID_HERE is set to ON.

e: code tags are the forgotten css block
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
I'm starting to write for this game now. C'mon, dude! You can be creative and make the things! Be like all those cool devs! They make all the good stuff. You make the good stuff, too. Go, Cat. Achieve your destiny. What you were born to do. Yes... yes! I can see it! I can see you doing it! Keep on going. There is hope for you, yet, little silly.
They told me I was mad when I said I was going to create a spidertable. Who’s laughing now!!!
Animating waterfalls is a huge pain in the ass, just so y'all know.
My inbox said there are 250 notices...... and every of them is from this retromania event page. WUT
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Gam-mak makes me hungry.


I have bacon? oh, and weed. Weed and bacon, how does that sound?

(great screenie!)