And the ability to summon the "Office Whores" to deal damage to the enemies.
@NA: Eh, sorry man, but I'm going to say no to playing that one.
Why is that?
@NA: Honestly, it just looks really weird and bizarre. I can put up with a little strangeness in a game, but this one looks too far out there for me.
While these aren't LPs, I'd like share a couple of new songs for the FE OST. These were composed by VGMusic_4_Life (aka Thomas Peters). He's a really talented musician. He'll only be composing about 8 new songs, so I thought I'd share them with you all here. He doesn't have his own channel, so he said I could upload them to mine instead (he's completed 2 so far).

Understand that my intention here is to promote the artist, not my own game. If you enjoy the songs, please give it a like and comment. I'm sure it'd mean a lot to Thomas!

Forever's End OST: Part II - Guardian Mountain

Forever's End OST: Part II - It Tolls for Thee
Thanks for the playthrough.

Healing costs were high because of a rounding bug, which I fixed for the full version. Mixing attack skills and black magic doesn't work that well. Abilities give bonus stats when equipped, so black mages would be more effective with lots of black magic equipped. Status magic on the other hand grants other stats like defense and agility so it works well with any type of character.

I already know there's lots to change with those first few battles. It can be really unforgiving if your party set up is bad. I think I'll start the player off with some weak armor or something. As for the pirate boss, Protect is your friend. It'll reduce the damage of Multi-Strike and cancel out armor break after its been applied.
I will also add that if you have an unoptimized party, you will take a lot more damage. This can lead to a lot of the money going into healing that otherwise could have gone into making the characters more powerful. This in turns leads to an even weaker party. You can enter a downward spiral quite easily.

However, if a player mixes black magic and physical skills on a character, it's his/her own fault.
NicoB, thank you so much for the LP. I suspected the difficulty as well, but we want to know whether it's just me or not. Now I think the level designer should see how he should adjust the game's level :)

You're right about it being the lite version so we have to cram the levels in there though. There are actually twice as many levels that we have designed, but we have only selected 25 of them just to test the basic system.

As for the explanation, I agree that it wasn't enough. I saw you didn't use the spike mode on stage 3 and then I knew that that tutorial was a miss. I'll improve the tutorial to make it easier to understand. The face on the bottom tell you how strong Puipui is during that turn, which affect the distance he'll roll. Nobody seems to understand this so I'll improve it by changing the arrow's color to be the same as the face, so people will know that the Puipui's emotion affect the arrow somehow.

It seems like you play the game in fullscreen mode? I'm not sure about the holding left mouse problem since it wasn't clear. Though the web version wasn't mean to be played fullscreen, since the resolution will be terrible like that >_<;

The balloon, fence and cat's reactions against spike mode/normal mode weren't explained because we want player to experience it by themselves. I think one thing that is fun about this game is you get to try many interactions with the same object and get different results, then you form a strategy to use these different results to get to the goal. Though I can see that the puzzles right now can be frustrated because it requires you to know all these beforehand. The game should gradually introduce all these to you. Otherwise it's overwhelming.

Again, thank you for your time. It means a lot to me and it really helps. I'll go back and improve the game. We're thinking about adding a boss fight at the end of each world, so that should be interesting :)

Here's the photo of Puipui in real life to say thank you
Hi NicoB,

I released the first ever demo version of my latest game (Legionwood 2) this week, and I'd really love some feedback on it, so that I can improve it in later versions. Ace has thrown me off a little.

Do ye' think you can give it a whirl?
I would very much like it if you could play this one:
@hima: No problem man. I'm really happy I was able to help you out. I actually played the game at normal screen, not full screen. The low quality is probably just due to my video recorder. As for the tutorial stuff, I agree that letting people figure out the fence, balloon, and cat stuff is a good idea. However, I think you should really be clear about the emotions of Puipui affecting how far he goes. I don't think I would've have ever figured that out, even with the arrows changing in colors. Honestly, I don't think having the strength constantly changing every turn is the best idea. It's a little too much for the player to remember, I think. Like, I think keeping the strength of each arrow stretch consistent throughout will allow the player to plan ahead better, rather than having it change after every turn. I think that's why Angry Birds becomes easier to strategize later on; because players become so comfortable with how far to pull back the slingshot to get the bird where they want to go. But that's just my opinion...

Also, in regards to that picture, OH MY GOD!! IT'S PUIPUI!! :3 HE'S SO ADORABLE!! ^ ^ I didn't know you based it off your pet, that's really cute.

@Dark Gaia: Sure, I can give yours a go. I never played the first one though, not sure if that matters. ^ ^;; Also, just wondering, how long is the demo? I know your games are known for long, epic adventuring.

@SnowOwl: Hmm, sure I'll add it to the list. It looks pretty different from standard RPGs, should be a nice change of pace. Also, looks like it has some custom graphics, which is always a plus. ^ ^
@NicoB: Completion of the first game shouldn't be neccesary. I'm trying to target a new crowd this time around. As for length, depending on your party setup and how difficult you find it, it'll be anywhere between 2 hours and 4 hours long (though as it's a Let's Try, you don't have to do all of it!)
@DG: Ah okay, that sounds just fine. I should get around to it within a week or two.

Btw everyone, awesome news (well, for me at least)! You guys may have noticed in my vids, I was pretty strictly adhering to the "no longer than 15 minutes and 30 seconds" rule. That's because my account was not in good standing because of a copyright strike I got about six months ago, meaning I wasn't allowed to post anything longer. However, I checked back today, and it seems the strike has finally expired! So now I can upload videos longer than 15 minutes. While my vids will probably continue to be about that long, it will still be nice for those times I accidentally go over 15 minutes (which is pretty often).
It's actually not a RPG at all, more of a adventure game, really.
Anyway if you downloaded it recently please redownload it, i had set the start point wrong, which i fixed. The things you do when you're tired...
Finished up Starlight Adventure, got stuck in Glacia, and did a little more Epic Elf.

Starlight Adventure CXVIII


Epic Elf

NOTE: Glacia LT is cancelled until some more balancing is done. Check the last video for more details.
I knew you would get stuck on the imp. That boss is by far the hardest fight in the game. The game also overall seem to be balanced with the idea that you complete at least most of the side-quests. If you don't do sidequests and you haven't played the game before, you will have a really hard time.

Anyway, the healing spell isn't that expensive if you actually have a dedicated mage, or even better, two of them. Basically, the strategy is to heal and then manadrain the MP back. You probably want a few point spent into Max MP, but not to many of them.
This is still in the demo stage, but there's about 5 hours of gameplay.

I'd love to start seeing some reviews of OHR games.
Hey NicoB, I was wondering if you could do a Let's Play/Try of Dragon Fantasy: REMADE? It's a very short demo, and shouldn't last more than an hour or two.


@mrjohnson: Sure, I'll give it a go! You're game has a very interesting graphical style, and I've never played anything made from that engine before. Should be interesting!

@Ephiam: I'll definitely give yours a play. Your games are always known for being old school fun. So this is a remake of the original Dragon Fantasy?

Played a bunch more of Cosplay Crisis. The plot thickens!

Cosplay Crisis
Part Thirteen: TREE WALKING
Part Fourteen: BLAH BLAH BLAH
This is indeed a remake of the original! And I'm glad that there's some good things being said about my games. Lol. =P

I'd download today's version if you plan on getting it (or rather, anything after last night). It fixes a few things and makes it a more comfortable experience.