A review for my game https://rpgmaker.net/games/5527/ would be at the top of my wishlist. Thanks, Santa =)
is gonna be tough....
In the meantime, might as well make it easier for whoever got me.

I've got a handful of games that could use something. Maybe a review for the one that doesn't have one yet?
Fiora hasn't gotten much attention and that's like, one of the most polished things I've helped put together (my gamedev partner and the rest of the team did the other half of the work).
I wish you good luck on your task, secret santa!
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Oh yeah, for my dear santa, I’m okay with anything. I’d personally love a little piece of fanart, a review or (most importantly) a short little shitpost game with the worst jokes you can think of, but you do you.
As for what I'd like to get, anything, really. I just want the person who got me to have fun making/writing whaterver he/she decides to give me. :)
Oh, if we are doing wishlists this year I'll just say I'm not really looking for reviews. None of my stuff is recent and doesn't really hold up Not that it really did when it was current either. If reviews are your thing though then go for it! Anything is fine by me, really. :)
yes i made it in. thank you liberty and to dear santa i have a around 3 to 5 hour game submission pending but dont know when i will have it approval ready but if that isnt the right cup of tea im open arms to anything some ideas that may help are a original character commission, short six panel comic, or a short game any of which may relate to a character stumbling upon then wielding some type of object or weapon powered by an unknown source. light humor appreciated and cliffhanger appreciated maybe with possibility of me picking up the story but yes open arms to anything as i would also enjoy a review of the pending game that i have or any creative work applicable to the secret santa event *thumbs up
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If whomever has me is stuck I'd be more than happy with a review for any of the following as my present:
Arum Online: MMO Simulator Edition (feel free to use the konami code)
Liberty and Anarchy
The Path we Travelled
I would like to join as well but it seems like I'm one day to late for this. :( If I can still join, I'm in. If not then have lots of fun, folks.
The TM is for Totally Magical.
I'm easy! Anything you want to give me, I'll take. If you want me to ask for something specific, though, I wouldn't mind a review for one of the following games:

A Most Inconvenient Evening

Shackled Seas

The House of Gwendolyn
Every misdeed has its own punishment, and every good deed has its reward.
I can note a possible desire for a present; a surprise related to the RPG Maker XP game Heartache 101 Sour Into Sweet.

Regardless, I give thanks to my Secret Santa and hope I can one day contribute to your happiness.
Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
One of my games doesn't have a review, but it's a special "game" and it's not for everyone so I'm not sure I'd want that unless the secret santa is in a receptive mood. I want to say "surprise me" because frankly I'm okay with anything as long as it comes from the heart, be it art, or reviews, or let's plays (ooh maybe a let's play of A Half-n-Half Affair with voice commentary would be nice if possible), or whatever really I don't mind.

Sorry i know i'm an indecisive mess but I'm cool with anything made by you thank you very much!
I want the person who got me to read Das Kapital.
Yay!! ^_^ I hope I'll make something worth-while for my receiver xD :)

Btw, for my dear santa, I would truly appreciate any heartfelt gift that you have for me... Buuuut, if you're feeling generous <3 I'd love either a fanart or review on one of any of my games! (ones that still don't have a review). XD :D Or if you're feeling playful, I would be happy to receive a personal rpg maker game. xD ;) ^_^

Overall, my happiness is so simple, so don't feel obliged to do something huge! xD
Am I the only one making a game as a gift?
I would like to join as well but it seems like I'm one day to late for this. :( If I can still join, I'm in. If not then have lots of fun, folks.

3 examples on how to respond to this quote:

1. "sorry, you're too late to join this time. No exceptions."
2. "we'll let you in, exceptionally, so we have an even number of people."
3. by completely ignoring it.

Well, thanks for choosing 3.
Chill, dude, didn't even see it. But the answer you're looking for is 1 - too late no exceptions.
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Am I the only one making a game as a gift?

I believe you’re not supposed to say to keep the element of surprise. Who could possibly guess what I’m gonna get my person? It’s not like I’ve made two shitpost games in the past as presents, so I’m impossible to predict.
Live we shall, through moments both fleeting and eternal.

I'm finished, yeah, happiness :)

I didn't do a review, but I might add one in the future, after the secret santa thing is revealed.