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I wish to take part in this event, although this time around I can only provide a Let's Play or review of somebody's game. I apologize for the limited options.


EDIT: I can provide somebody with an item on their Steam wishlist too.

What I would like...well, unfortunately the desires involving presents are also limited this time around.

Anyhow, to make things slightly more RMN-based, the present in question:

A fanfic story about the character Megumi Murakami:

She is from this game:

If that can not be done, just get me something from my Steam Wishlist if you want:

Do NOT want:

- Assets, as with...some other people on here. XP

Anyhow, good luck to everyone taking part in this event. ^_^
I would like to join in, if you'll have me

I deal mostly in fanart

Would love anything related to my game, Hazel's Summoning Ritual

Best wishes to everyone!
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Ya know what? I've changed my mind. I'll stay on as a helper, but, I'll join in as a Santa as well.

Uchioniko MZ is the game I'm trying to push for the Misaos this year. Fanart, fanfiction, or an LP written in the style of fanfiction would be the preferred content. This is not to say that such content for my other stuff is unwelcome. However, if one decides on fanart, I would be exceptionally appreciative of fanart of Mitsuya Masako. I will not dare to presume to post my Steam wishlist, as others have done here.

I'm not really sure if there is a specific kind of gift that I wouldn't appreciate? The option to ask through Liberty if one has doubts exists, but, I've not had any such questions so far.
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Sing me up as well!

I would love:
-Fanart of any of my games.
-Fanart of my profile picture.
-Some sort of promotion material for It's here, it's late into the year, but I'd love to get it Misao nominated once I release it in December.

I would like:
-Short fangame.
-Spooky music for my games.

Things I DON'T want:
-Reviews for my games.
-Letsplays for my games.
-Any other resources/assets for my games.

If all else fails:
-Ask Libby to ask me for other kinds of stuff.
-Here is my Steam wishlist.
I would love to partake! For what I would like to receive, I'd be happy with pretty much anything tbh, but would especially like something related to my most recent game, Siren Night. Whether it's fanart, a review, let's play, anything! I'll also take fanart of any of my OCs off my artfight page (Link) if you don't want to do Siren Night. Let's have some fun!
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(Deleted again)
i just realized that i was listed as santa. i signed up as helper, so please move me there.
i figured it'll be hard for the one that become my santa since i haven't made any games to do anything with.
Count me in.

So it'll be a bit more of a surprise than taking something directly from a wishlist I'm going to state things I like and you can make something from that.

My favorite game is The Last of Us / 2
My favorite series is Tales of, especially Zestiria/Beseria. I have actually only played Symphonia/Zestiria/Berseria.
My favorite game I've made is 7 Minutes
I'm obsessed with reincarnation/isekai manwha's
My favorite animal is lizards, and I actually own a Blue Tongue Skink (Skinkers) and Leopard Geckos (Pudding & Inky) and they ARE MY CHILDREN.
My three favorite pokemon are Ampharos, Breloom and Quagsire & is actually going to be my Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team!!
My pokesona is Swadloon & is also my online persona
My favorite anime is Madoka Magica, my favorite character AND THE HOLY GRAIL OF WAIFU'S is Mami Tomoe <3
My favorite color is Pink (LIGHT PINK not that hot pink bullshit ugh)

I love dinosuars a lot! My favorite is the Spinosaur, and my favorite herbivore is the pachysaur.

I work at Subway which has become an inside joke on RMN.

So like, feel free to do a short dumb game or art or even a fanfiction/small story. I'd prefer not to have a lets play or reviews on any of my games because I haven't felt very confident in any of my games lately.

If you absolutely need direct ideas:
I do stream @sadMuffle on twitch, & I don't have a banner yet.
If you prefer the money route for some reason here's my steam wishlist though preferably only as a last resort (lack of time, energy or skills for anything else)
Sure. I'll join for this one.

What I'd like to get:
-A honest review or let's play of one of my games. And by honest, I mean you can say it sucks if you think it's bad. No need to be nice about it, if you're not enjoying it.
-A fanart or fanfiction of my games or characters.
Sure. I'll join for this one.

What I'd like to get:
-Review or let's play of one of my games.
-A fanart or fanfiction of my games or characters.

YAY, thanks for joining, man! :D
Just in case, to whoever happens to be my Secret Santa, I will PM the person who organizes this event a Steam key of the game, Star Shift Origins, so that the Let's Play can be done for free. But only if the person wants to do a Let's Play video of it. :)
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Ok, after meditating on it I've decided to give this event another shot.
I would like to sign up. Sign me up as helper too, but put me on the bottom of the "who you gunna call?" list pls.

Thing that i'd like
- A review for both these games (they're both less than 10 minutes each): and

- If you really hate playing and then writing a bit about games, here's my steam wishlist:

I am probably going to make an RMN gamepage design, music or art as present this year. I've read your posts and have taken into account what everybody would like, but still apologies if I get anyone who exclusively wanted something a bit more intricate or complex.
This is Santa Coelocanth.

I like shapeshifters, the deep sea, interesting game mechanics, and characters with divided loyalties.
My games in the last couple of years that have been largely unplayed:
As those have generator / no characters, if you feel like the character art route:

This is Aria, former magical girl. The green arm is a psionic manifestation, not slime. She lost her original arm following events in My Computer

I like tights! They're comfy and easy to wear!
So, when are we going to be sent the PM of who our Secret Santa is? Right now it's 8:30 PM EST on the day of the cutoff and I've received nothing so far. I want to know exactly what I should be working on as soon as I possibly can, so we should be getting the PMs of who we're giving our gifts as soon as possible. When exactly is that happening? It's already December 5th and the cutoff date is in a little more than 2 weeks. (the time limit is the 21st, right?)
Bear in mind people might have signed up at the last minute on the 5th, Liberty's timezone being 18 hours or something behind yours, and that it takes a little time to draw lots and send messages when you need to make sure people don't get the same person two years in a row etc.
Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
Plus libs is sick atm I believe
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Nowhere in the OP does it state that PMs will be distributed on the day sign-ups close, irregardless of a particular time-zone. At this time, the best advice I can provide is to just have a little patience, and give it another day, maybe two.
Secret Santas have been sent! Check your mailboxes.
Secret Santas have been sent! Check your mailboxes.
I don't have a message :sadcat:

edit: nevermind - if you've already drawn lots, just make me a helper elf
Shit! I got yours, just gimme a sec