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It all started on an auspicious December night in Charcherry forest. Tempus, a magical nonbinary temporic from another dimension, was sitting atop a roof, looking up at the stars. It was then that an owl stole their most prized possession: a nautilus shell given to them by their long departed friend countless years ago.

Upon being awakened by a disturbance in the forest, Thoren, a reformed time-traveling mass murderer who died and was reborn as a robot, gets up to investigate.

Owls will be encountered, gender will be questioned, and connections will be made.

This game is an owl game made for the year of the owl year-long event. Development started during the 48-Owl gammak event and resumed in the latter half of the month. All graphics are drawn, using a style very similar to that of Unfinished Stories and 21 Years, also drawn by the same artist.

This game takes place after Dead and Breakfast but before Between Time and Space.

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