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Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. You play the role of a young man known as Leon, who seeks to survive in the harsh environment he is brought into.

Exploration is done mainly via a side-scrolling view. In certain areas, an exclamation mark will sometimes appear, indicating the presence of hostiles. Press Z when this happens to initiate battle, or wait to let it pass. Sometimes battle will be unavoidable. When walking, enemy encounters won't occur.

The battle system revolves mainly around each character's Abilities, which are a set of commands specific to that character. Abilities require AP and EX to use. AP is gained every time a character takes a turn. The default is 2. EX is gained every time a character uses an Ability. The default is 1. Note that this may change depending on the situation.

Trailer courtesy of Sum Gai. Thanks buddy!

Z: Action/ Confirm
Up: Interact with Above/Background
Down: Interact with Below/Foreground
X: Menu/ Cancel
Shift: Hold to walk/run
F4: Toggle Fullscreen
F5: Toggle 2x Size
F12: Reset to Title

"Known Glitches"
Due to the limited functionality of the RPG Maker 2003 engine, there are various glitches and bugs which are unfortunately unfeasible or impossible to fix:
- Sometimes during an action, the battle data of a character will be temporarily overwritten with another character's, causing them to not perform as expected for that round.
- In certain cases, player actions can be interrupted by the enemy or other character's actions. To minimize the occurance of this, wait for current actions to finish before selecting an action with another character.
- Using items and guarding doesn't trigger the code to check for enemy deaths. You need to actually use an ability, or let the enemies take a turn.
- Although not a bug, Active Mode should be changed to Passive Mode in the in-game menu to prevent enemies from acting while you are taking an action.

"Hints and Tips for Boss Battles"
- Don't expect to just be able to spam regular attacks until you can use your Exceed ability. You won't win an attrition war with the enemy party.
- Always target the enemy's weakness if you can. If you want, think of this as a Shin Megami Tensei game. :P
- Make sure to keep your HP up. The vast majority of bosses have pretty powerful high EX costing abilities that'll wipe out your party if you're not expecting it.

- That said, keep in mind, the enemy is subject to the same rules as the party. In other words, they're also gaining AP and EX, and they also need it to use their more hard-hitting abilities. So if you can prevent them from using them while still retaining the ability to use yours, you'll be able to beat any boss.
- You can tell how much EX an enemy's ability uses by looking at the name of the ability. Similar to your character's abilities, it'll show up as the number of squares on the left side of the name.
- Of course, the above passes quickly so isn't that reliable of a method. As a general rule, you can expect that:
- Anything that uses an element other than Force likely costs at least 1 EX
- Anything that does multi-targetting likely costs at least 1 EX
- Anything that hits everyone hard probably costs 2 or more EX
- Anything that outright kills someone from full health, or makes you swear "Bullshit! That can't happen!" is likely an Exceed ability.
- Chances are it'll also be very flashy.
- Obviously, there's going to be some exceptions, but for the most part, this can be followed.

- Don't ignore Field Effects either. Bosses don't, and the Field Effects they use generally stack things in their favor. It's not just about dealing as much damage as quickly as you can. A lot of times, it's also about controlling the situation.
- Modes, Field Effects, and Boost ailments all stack. If you're creative, you may be able to create a situation where you can pretty much negate everything the boss throws at you, while tossing out Exceed abilities every turn. Bosses won't stand a chance.

MAP SAVE FREEZE: If you're changing things in this game in the editor and your save file freezes on the world map as a result, press F9, go to switch 112 and 113, and turn them both OFF. That should fix it.

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Heys all, I finished a new game and am trying to get it greenlit. There's a page up for it here:


Check it out, maybe help me out?
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Whew... I beat the demo, it was AWESOME. The panorama really makes it look like your speeding across a city or something on a train. The sentinel was a bit tough, but otherwise, very good demo. You had to leave us with a cliffhanger, though, didn't you?
It looks cool. Pity it'll take a while to complete. I'll wait until then, though! :D Oh, and I had an idea... (run...run while you still can...!) I think it would be cool if you had the Zodiac have a bigger connection to the main gameplay/storyline than just "it gives the characters their uber death rays of doom". If it isn't too difficult to code (it probably is, but...) I'd like it if you could actually summon the creatures of the Zodiac, since they have physical descriptions. (Aries is a ram, Pisces is a fish, etc.) Perhaps at certain points in the story, you could go and fight them. (Sort of like the Shadow battles in TBOT) However, it would make sense if they were solos with the character with the Zodiac affinity. (Scott would battle Aquarius, Leon would battle Scorpio, etc.) However, when you beat them, you could perhaps make them summon-able, as an Ex-attack-like thing. I think a system like FFX's would be better than, say, FF4's, but that would doubtlessly be a pain in the neck to code and would likely put the game back a year or so... :( I'd like you to do something original, though. It would be cool to at least meet the Zodiac creature for some reason. And are you going to have someone with the Ophiuchus sign? That would be...interesting. And perfect if you're planning on a thirteenth character. :D However, since Ophiuchus isn't one of the normal signs, no one in real life has it... But I think it could be a creative outlet to explore! ;) You can think about it.

Sorry if I sound like a complete idiot. I have really crazy ideas sometimes. o.O
And do you have an idea of how far you've gotten? Like, how finished is the game? (Like, say, "20% or so") You probably don't know how big the end product is going to be, so I doubt you'll be able to say for sure, but... :/
Hey TG, that's actually not too bad. In fact, for the original Alter AILA, that would've been pretty appropriate (especially your note on the Ophiuchus sign). Nah, it wouldn't be that hard to implement either. The only time-consuming part would be drawing up the sprites for them.

I'm not planning to include any Zodiac symbology in Genesis though, unfortunately. One of the reasons is because doing what I originally did would mean certain party members have to be grouped together according to their signs. I'm changing the story around pretty drastically, and am trying to stay away from set defined groups, so that's part of the reason why. As well, they were never really all that important to the main story, and were just a neat little side thing.

Progress-wise, I guess 20% sounds pretty good. Off the top of my head, I guess its something like this?

Battle-Programming 80%
Battle-Graphics 75%
Systems 85%
Story 50%
Mapping 1%

Basically, most of the battle and systems work is done. I've barely mapped any of the areas yet, and that's probably going to take the most time. Actually, I'm considering making periodic demo releases since I'm not even sure I'll be able to finish this one. But I'll try. ;).
Aw. :( I liked the Zodiac thing. Oh well. Will Genesis be more linear, not like the three-storylines-that-get-butchered-by-having-a-fourth-storyline thing? That would be nice. I really think that summon creatures would be cool, and I don't really see anything better than summoning the Zodiac. It would be more original than the generic Bahamut, Ifrit, Shiva, Ramuh thing. (Although FF12 does have the Zodiac theme going on with the Espers, you don't *actually summon Aries*, you summon Belias...) I think that it would be cool, but yeah, I can see that if Genesis isn't going to split the characters into four groups of three, then Zodiac signs wouldn't be as practical... You could still do it without having to pair them up, though. I think. (They could be based around their personalities, instead of being tied to their Route...) It would be a good idea to make the Zodiac summon-able, I think... And it wouldn't be hard to code an FF10-like summon system where the summon becomes a party member when summoned and stuff? :D Sweet! I was expecting it to be extremely hard to do something like that. Cool. So, um. Something. Glad progress is coming along... You're about one-fifth of the way there, which isn't too bad! :D

Oh, and before I forget, I'm Chocobo_Fan from the Fig Hunter Forums. "That Guy" is just another penname I have.
And periodic demo releases don't sound so bad. I think I'd prefer being able to play an incomplete version that updates quicker than one that takes a year or two but is complete... :/ You can decide.
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
Might I suggest raising Blue Stimulant to 1000 HP, but reducing the number the player is given? Taking ~500 immediatly after healing ~500 may get on some player's nerves.
If enemies are hitting too hard, use a higher-tier recovery item (in this case, Red Stimulants).
And there's a map tree error,you may want to fix that.
Huzzah! Neok has returned with epic gifts! I haven't checked out the updated demo yet, and since I'm going to Mexico in about...an hour, I doubt I'll get a chance for at least a week or so. However, I'm very happy that you've returned from AWOL, me and the rest of the crew from the FH forums were about to send out a search party for you. Merry Christmas, and a happy new year!
> TwomRPG

Don't open it in the editor man. Unless you want to completely spoil the game for yourself.

> Karikasa

Thanks man :). I'm headed down there to update them on the situation. You have yourself a good Christmas and New Years too.