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One rainy day in the industrialized port city of Dejanor, a mage named Moshi Cenalus leaves her dingy hotel room to buy something to eat. It was just a normal day for her, until she has a run-in with some local thieves.

Following that dangerous encounter, she befriends the woman who helped her fend off the attackers, and learns of a forest called "Last Sanctuary". It is rumored that the mages there live free from the scorn and oppression perpetuated by an influential order of clerics, who believe that mages are a danger to society.

While in search of the fabled Last Sanctuary, her journey crosses with those of the people she meets along the way. They come from a variety of backgrounds, from the impoverished worker who wishes for a better life, to a disgraced soldier seeking redemption, to a reclusive queen in the snowy north willing to sacrifice everything to save her country from the spread of industrialization.

Little did the mage know that her seemingly insignificant actions would, in the end, contribute to major changes in the people and places around her.

But would it be for better or for worse?

- Battle enemies whose movesets and tactics can change depending on difficulty level.
- No random encounters! Enemies are visible on maps, and they will even scurry out of the way of a very high-leveled party.
- Adjust the battle difficulty at any time if the game feels too hard or too easy.
- Embark on sidequests that further develop the setting and characters.
- Customize characters by equipping them with Devices and Skill Books, as well as upgrading equipment via crafting.
- Includes custom character art, enemy sprites, and music (in progress).

Latest Blog

The Return

My last blog was...almost 3 years ago? Sorry about that :/
I gradually stopped coming by for a while because I had become too anxious to post anything, kind of lost interest in rpg maker after MV, and somehow wound up getting into the ME3 multiplayer and modding scene as some sort of makeshift exposure therapy. (Who knew that shitposting about turians was the key to get myself to talk to people again?) And there's been a user on here who has been ripping off a lot of my work in my absence and not stopping after being reported a long time ago, so that's pissed me off enough to return.

I've been refreshing myself with old notes to figure out where I was going, knocked out a bunch of old to-dos, and cut one scene because it was no longer needed. I'm also planning to reduce the scope further because some sidequests are a pain to test, and the light exploration I had in mind a long time ago no longer makes sense with the characters being forced to go into hiding due to plot reasons.

Looking at this project with fresh eyes, I realized that the status screen totally clashed with the other menus. Before, its description box was on the top and HP/FP was on the bottom, while the description in all other menu screens was on the bottom. But now they match! I also redrew Moshi's portrait to add more belts and make her look a little older.

After that, I drew a couple quick pieces of concept art for one of the oneiroi, an inhabitant of the astral plane/dream world. He already has a name and some dialogue implemented, but had no portrait until now.

I'm currently working on coloring his finalized waist-up ingame portrait which uses elements from the two drafts. Although he's not a party member, he'd be a major contributor to Moshi's storyline, moveset, and the title of the game as well.
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So... 6 years. I guess this is not getting released. Shame.
You say that but there's been a few games that have been released well over that time. Take Ara Fell, for example. Started in about 2004-5, it was released commercially last year and is doing quite well. Time isn't a factor if you think about one-man teams and how much time even highly paid, full time developers take to make a game.
Short demo. 1 town 1 dungeon. Very good game, I like it. I picked hard because it sounded like normal and easy give same exp. It was pretty hard, sometimes enemies can do over 100 dmg unexpectedly, but I managed to get thru without too much trouble (didnt use any items other than potions, but I did eat thru alot of it). Regular attacks are pretty weak, dont be afraid to spam that earth spell as much as needs be. And I cut it real close, sometimes guarding at the right moment literally saved my life.

Story's pretty interesting but nothing really happens due to the short length of game. The theme sounds similar to manifest (another big game on this site) if your curious.