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Let's Play, Lunar Wish V


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So many videos! This is incredible.
And again, you give a lot of useful advice! I particularly find the one about eh shop keepers interesting - I hadn't thought of that and it is very true.
There are however a few videos I can't see, because youtube says they're said to private - namely, vid 27, 28 and 22
I was discussing the kobold thing with another member and I do agree on that they should be killed completely one defeated once, while someone else said they didn't think it would be a good idea to kill it off (possibly because it can be good training). So yeah, they shall die in the next version.
Thank you very much for these videos; you've made my day ^^

I set the videos to unlisted. That should fix the problem. Cheers~
And the Kobolds are great for grinding. I did so off cam when I got my 4th party member. It's up to you on that~
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