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Summer 2011 Contest Entry

Creatures from an alternate reality are invading the human world, taking the form of human fears and nightmares. A new initiate of the ARC Institute must learn the secrets of Aether to protect the world.

4 reviews

A flower collecting game.

Short, Simple, and Smart. In Wither, a charming adventure game with gameboy aesthetics, you start off with no idea what it is about... but as you collect flowers the picture becomes clear...

15 reviews
I'm Scared of Girls

Surreal Action Game

Who isn't?
Lamb is a guy who likes to dress as a girl. He’s just died. This is Lamb’s journey to the hereafter. Are you scared to play the winner of the recent 2011 RMN Summer Games contest?

4 reviews

Valedictory Game Drive Gameâ„¢

Take me to the promised land...

Escape to the mysterious locale known as Garden. This short, linear dungeon-crawling adventure game tests the hearts of the Exiles as they traverse the vast Garden, hoping for their utopia. Play as the mute protagonist Elle - a half-exile, half-human hybrid - and her AI-controlled full-blooded exile sidekick Loke through this beautiful and detailed setting.

2 reviews
The LCPANES Terminal

Four isolated prisoners must escape using a network of linked computers in this text-based adventure.

It makes you think.

You wake up in a cell with a mattress, a desk piled with coded papers and books, and a computer terminal with access to three other hidden occupants of the dungeon. The choices you make will determine who escapes, who dies, and who is trapped forever.

Put your brain through the grinder...it is a surprising amount of fun.

2 reviews
The Heirs of Techcatl

An adventure game in post modern London (George Orwell style)

Quick, beautiful, fresh and fun

The Heirs of Techcatl is an adventure-style RPG set in alternate post modern London (George Orwell style). The Great War finally ended and England emerged victorious. In the new Democratic Republic of England, everything is peaceful as the new regime governs the country with an iron fist. As Emmett Berglindh, an ex-pilot turned Curator of the Museum of Aviation, you will be sucked into a plot which will reveal that all is not what it seems in the new prosperous London.

3 reviews

Otome, slice of life, otaku culture

Mystery, Romance, and an MMORPG

RE:Alistair++ is a visual novel/dating sim created by Archeia_Nessiah and sakebento. It tells the story of Merui, a high school girl on a mission. She has thirty days to find the true identity of the online persona "Alistair". Why? Because he's a jerk who stole a rare item from her!

Come experience this little slice of life and otaku culture!

8 reviews
Zero Base

A side scroller shmup where you start out with no bases

Seems it's time to deal out great justice

This game is a sidescrolling space shooter much like the R-Type games of the SNES era. The MAD CATS have taken over the bases of the COOL MUTTS. As RAD DOG, it is up to you to reclaim the bases and save the day!

This game was created and completed for the recent Valedictorian Game Drive event.

2 reviews
Mario vs. The Moon Base

Mario must fight his way to Bowser's Moon Base to rescue the Princess!

Bowser is at it again! The fiend has absconded with the Princess, this time to his MOON BASE...IN SPACE! Mario & Luigi must traverse 6 diverse lands to save the Princess in this platformer game with a lot of variety, good levels, consistency, quirky story, UFOs, and fun!

This project was a collaborative effort between GreatRedSpirit, Solitayre, Hexatona and kentona. Well done, gentlemen!

4 reviews
Leo & Leah: A Love Story

How far will a lion go to save his girlfriend? 6+ hour complete adventure RPG!

Simba returns! Just kidding.

Adventure through a fun and animal...y world as Leo (a lion) to rescue Leah (also a lion), your true cub love, through a beautifully mapped world.

Features some pretty fun mechanics of skill learning and collectable items throughout the game world, this is supposedly Strangeluv's swan song of development and his "last" game. Let's hope he sticks around!

6 reviews
Rework The Dead: Evil

Another violent gorefest platformer.

Beaker's latest blood-fueled platformer! Aim with your mouse to blow away all kinds of gross and disgusting monsters, while at the same time bobbing and weaving with traditional WASD movement keys.


2 reviews
Space Funeral

pain voyage

Enter a mindbending world filled with BLOOD and many CRIMINALS. Space Funeral creates its own bizarre atmosphere while making subtle insights about other similar-style RPGs. It has also garnered mainstream accolades; a rare feat for an RPG Maker game!

9 reviews
Legendary Legend

Proof that great writing can make up for mediocre gameplay, Legendary Legend is essentially a comic given game form. Three normal college students are thrown into standard RPG plot, only to find things may not be as they seem! Filled with endearing characters, memorable scenes and some outlandish and hilarious situations, Legendary Legend is a must play for anyone who likes comedy, webcomics, or RPGs, and is well worth trying out even if you're none of the above.

Silviera's review.
Solitayre's review.

5 reviews
Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis

Side-scrolling post-apocalyptic RPG

A side-scrolling, science-fiction RPG, and a remake of the acclaimed Alter A.I.L.A. This project features highly customizable combat options, a huge number of playable characters with unique abilities, sleek comic-style cutscenes and an extensive world to explore. Check out the game that has taken RMN by storm!

Solitayre's Review

10 reviews
Fable of Heroes I: Legendary Edition

In the spirit of Dragon Quest, comes simple yet fun traditional J-RPG, full of secrets and treasure. *WARNING: THIS GAME IS NOT EASY*

For those in need of a dose of nostalgia, this game might be just what the doctor ordered. Based heavily on old Dragon Quest games, particularly Dragon Quest 3, but with a few modern influences, this simple RTP game boasts excellent balance and the old-school charm you crave.

5 reviews