I used to be a donut of the Silver variety

Then I became an Addit




Ooo, this is a pretty smooth running animation there, nice! Look at him go!

Question, but do you have to hold the run key down in order to continuous run or just tap the key instead? Either way, it’s good thing that you don't have a stamina meter above the character's head while he continuous runs, or something like that, 'cause I hate that kind of stuff in some games.


Neat! Reminds me of Lufia II.

Are there still going to be Tents and Cabins that you can use at blue save points, or can you just save your game and that’s it?


I like it, it’s more in line with the previous two title screens and logos so I don’t have much of a problem with it. I mean, the other title screen that you had before, the one that was in space, actually looked pretty good in my opinion, but I find this one a lot more fitting with the series and how Final Fantasy usually does things.


Ooo - that’s one nice looking house.

I’m not sure I like the whole sprite proportions compared to everything else here, but, still, this is one nice looking map that you got here.


That better be lemonade that I’m walking in. Otherwise…


I’m guessing this is what happens when you don’t pay Song up for the five dollars that you borrowed from him from last week, lol.


Is he…holding a button, or something, in his hand, lol, or is that just part of his other finger? I would imagine that's probably just his finger here, but if not, that'd be hilarious!

"In order to become a true martial artist, Song, you must first take this button that I just picked up straight from off the ground from out of my hand. Only then will you have the quickness to overcome any obstacle in your path..."

"...I would have grabbed something else instead - like a stick - but, eh...whaddya gonna do..."


What happens if you guess the question wrong, does he try to eat ya?

From the looks of that killer grin there, I'd say he’s going to snack on Jimmy no matter what he says, lol.


Lol, why is this guy, based on his expression, look like he wants to kick somebody's ass in this shot? Hahaha.

This Song guy’s awesome… He looks so angry, I love it. It's like he doesn't wanna be here at all but he has to for some reason, lol.


W-Wow…that looks phenomenal! I absolutely dig what you did with the backdrop over there - it looks great. Nicely done.