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What Are Some Of Your Most “Guiltiest Pleasures” – ON RMN, That Is!

I'm sure all of us have some sort of "Guilty Pleasure" RMN games that we like to play on "RMN" despite the lack of comments, reviews, mentioning, or even if it IS a pile of trash, we still, for some reason, end up playing these games over-and-over again because they connect to us in more ways than we can possibly understand. I'm sure a lot of you have at least "1," "2," or maybe a couple of games that you personally like that maybe the rest of the community doesn't see eye-on-eye with what you see. Let's share some of our "Guilty Pleasures," shall we???

For me, there are only "two" games that fit that subject: Spike Lee's: The Twilight Zone (made by: Strangeluv) & Dooms 4 (which was made by: MISTER BIG T -- but for some reason, he only has the 2nd and 3rd put up here... FOR SHAME!!!)

SPIKE LEE'S: THE TWILIGHT ZONE was created by Strangeluv who is more famous for his works such as "Leo & Leah" & "A Home Far Away". While both of those games are considered "great," there's one game that seems to be ignored or not talked about that much, and that is: SPIKE LEE.

Even though it's weird, a bit buggy, and it stars Psyburn of all things, I can't keep pulling myself away from this game; it's weird. I guess being a comedic guy myself, I just can't help being fantasied by this wonderful masterpiece that always seems to bring a smile to my face whenever I play it. Sure, on the surface it isn't THAT great, but it's one of my "guilty pleasures" on the site. And I'm sure it will be for a long time.

DOOMS 4 is the fourth entry in the series of MISTER BIG T's "B-rated gorefest". You know, I always find it rather amusing that he's created a whole "shitload" of games and not one of them is talked about that much... But certainly the Dooms series has gotten a bit of a "cult" status in the last year or so. Although most of them are AWFUL, there's one that still stands out to me: Dooms 4 (which is good). When I played this game, I had nightmares FOR DAYS!!! Something about the music... Something about the atmosphere... SOMETHING ABOUT THAT MIA!!! This is the only game other than TAUT to scare the living pants off me...and I love it. So much so that I was a bit disappointed when he never finished the "5th" installment. But you know what, "who cares!" The fourth one is all I need. While some people think of it as "trash," I think of it as "gold!" One of the best horror games, in my opinion.

So what's say you, RMN? Share us your "guiltiest pleasures" and expose the treasures within.

Happy Mother's Day

(I can't believe that this got completely overlooked. Bad sons, bad - and daughters!)

Today (unless you live in Japan) is "Mother's Day". And even though a lot of us aren't even parents to begin with ('cept Kentona, but he's a dude), I thought I would take the 60 seconds out of my time to acknowledge all the great women out there who deserve a little praise for their sacrifice and dedication towards their families. Share with us what your mom(s) mean to you and what cool gifts you manage to buy them using your hard earned stolen cash.

Even though my parents have split a long time ago and I live with my dad, I still occasionally talk to my mom every week about things going on between both of our lives. Yes, I talk to her mostly about sports and such, but we do enjoy our conversations. For Mother's Day, I got her a card, flowers, and took her out for a nice dinner at a downtown restaurant in Vancouver. My brother bought her "Canucks Playoff Tickets" for Game 5 of the second round, know... *shrug*

So, what did you get your mother's(s)?

[JOKE POEM] – DarrellChan

A Short Poem Written By: Addit
Proofread By: Addit

Hey, guys – did you guys know that I like writing poems that mostly rhyme…??? Didn’t think so.

So after hearing about Liberty’s – and RMN’s – misadventures with a so-called “Mr. Chan,” I decided to make a short poem / story about it. I know, it’s a bit mean (considering I don’t know much about the guy or the history behind it), but I wanted to do this for the shits and giggles of it, more than anything else. If any of you (like Darrell) is offended by it, my only advice to you is to just relax and don’t take it too personally; it’s a joke! And that’s what I like to do.


With a stroll and a swagger,
He soon logs in.

Typing with secret password and milkshake in hand,
DarrellChan has come – baring his right hand!

A perennial stalker by trait –
this brilliant man knows how to circulate.

“Hehehehehe,” with a girlish gleam,
“Soon everybody will be subscribing to me!”

“All those fools who thought my game was rather lame,
they have no idea the soon-to-be fame I shall claim!!!”

“All I have to do is post it online,
and hopefully the mods shall accept it up in time.”

DarrellChan had big plans in hand,
but there was something even he could not understand…

“Blast,” said the flabbergasted Chan,
“It would appear that I have a newbie enemy at hand!

Darrell was disappointed to find,
a warning message from Liberty had soon arrived.

“Dear Mr. Chan,”
said the message at hand,

“We regret to inform you that your frivolous deeds have come to an end.
Give up this tirade - before we cut loose ends!”

In an utter state of panic, Darrell soon to began to contemplate;
a life without RMN is at state!

“She’s just jealous of my awesome power!”
“Now behold - the final hour!!!”

He soon pushed the button of his latest blog post.
The man was truly insane, sitting by his bed post.

*Yawn* “…I’m sleepy,” said Mr. Chan,
“I should probably just go to bed.”

As he soon turned off his machine – and hit the count towards three –
DarrellChan soon began, a dream with him with glory in his hand.

A vision of excellence was dancing among his brain,
while he secretly laughed while dealing with his pain.

The next day, his neck was rather quite sore,
as he began to tell his brother another bore.

“There I was – strapped into bed,
with the greatest tale to ever go to my head!”

“I was lying in the bush,
stalking my pray as I fell down and whoosh!”

His brother was not amused by the tale that ensued.
“Yeah, right,” said the little man - “Your stories are always so fucking bad.”

Darrell was soon upset through his little brother’s lack of faith.
So he soon decided to turn his attention to another kind of slate.

“Blasted RMN and all those losers!
They're the ones that are all such hoosiers!!!”

“If they could only understand my level of brilliance –
so too can this world be at my prowess!”

Then, DarrellChan got himself an idea…
An idea so foul and wicked, that the very sight of it soon got him interested…

“I’ll post a second game in a row –
with more unoriginal characters to show!

“And then, that will show that blasted RMN,
as I rise to fame – once again!!!”

DarrellChan soon rushed upstairs to his computer,
while tripping on the cord of his other used computer.

“Ow…why is this thing here,
I have no time to bear!!!”

Getting up from his latest trip,
DarrellChan soon finds his latest quip.

A ban screen pops up on display,
as the man begins to countlessly refresh the page.

“No, this cannot be happening!

Shaking his monitor with such a violent force,
even Darrell couldn’t control his total remorse.

“God damn, Liberty something-or-something,”
shouted with incredible speech.

“As soon as I get unbanned –
I’m coming to snap at your feet!!!”

With a laughter and a smile,
DarrellChan soon began his ultimate desire.

“I’ll find out where she lives and give her this antique!
Once she gets it – POW, it’s-a-me!!!”

So, if anything this story has taught us,
even the dumbest of RMN’s elite can go mental upon us.

And unlike DarrellChan fate,
this is one story with a happy sense of taste.


*thoughts and praise, plz*

(EDIT: Darn typos...)


Greetings, peoples of the Internet! I'll make this short and sweet (as some of us have JOBS to go to in the morning)!

The name is "Addit," which roughly translates for "Addiction" I'm a 27-something year old guy that has a job, a crappy excuse for a vehicle - and a case of nanaimo bars hanging around in my portable fridge downstairs. Oh, "What do I do for fun," you ask? Well...let's see...I like playing and creating vidya games on my spare time for fun (well no DUH). I like shootin' some hoops down by the old park sometimes to work on my three pointers and dribbin' skills.

Getting all that boring stuff out of the way, I'm a pretty nice, sometimes a bit weird, sort of guy who's just looking for a good time. I've joined this exclusive site because a strange site with a bunch of naked people told me about this place through a bunch of links - and I just had to come here! When I arrived to find out that this place is nothing but a independent gaming site, I sulked a little on the inside.

So now that I'm here, I guess I should start getting to work and toll the line like everybody else. I'll do whatever I can whenever I can. In the meantime, I don't mind helping out with the site until some of my projects get off the ground / finished.

Looking forward to workin' with ya.
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