if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
future ruler of rmn

(In Development) A dungeon-crawler RPG focused on Alder's mission to appease his deity and ensure humanity an era of prosperity.



RMN Snews - Issue #24

I love reading the Snews, it's like a snapshot of the state of RMN for a particular time period.

I chuckled a bit at the "Are We Less Jerkish Than Before?" business. RMN has become much more friendly and higher quality, while far less dramatic & cluttered since I joined here in like 2011. (god it's been so long) I love it here.

The elitism has even been toned down a lot, as many of the elitists left here for RMW and now those forums are a mess.

THE REVIEW SYSTEM IS BROKEN. WHY ARE PEOPLE ALLOWED TO REVIEW TECH DEMOS W/O CREATOR CONSENT?diabolica isn't even close to done and doesn't even have a tech demo up anymore but it still has a 3 STAR REVIEW which is forever detracting from my view count god damnit

Best of Blogs #001


But really, I love this idea! I'm always submitting blogs for my game and always read the blogs of others, it's great that they're getting some spotlight! A lot of meaningful content really exists in them!

Who is your RMN OTP?

adon237 x adon237
because if you can't love yourself, how in hell are you gonna love somebody else can i get an amen?

I can picture Adon237 bromancing Kentona. :>
Surely this thread will inspire the worst kind of slash fiction?

okay if that's how i become ruler of rmn i guess i have to do what it takes

Diabolica Title Screen Demo

Thank you, I'm glad to see you're still following my project!

RMN Birthday 2015

how do we log our time spent making the game? does it have to be 8 hours in a row?

i don't know if i could spend 8 hours straight doing anything so that might be a problem.

we need better filters for Notices!

We have all sorts of filters, but none of them are too useful because they filter out all but one type of interaction/medium for all subscribed games instead of doing that for any single specific game.

I can see all of the images posted for all of the games I've subscribed to, but not for any one game that I've subscribed to which makes 0 sense to me personally, especially since I am not repeatedly visiting this website on a daily basis and I'll accumulate a mass of notices to go through.

but that's just an idea!