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Checking if on Impassable Tile?(solved)

So currently I am playing around with a Q-Bert style mini-game for Stonesearch, and everything was going real smooth well until I had to deal with the player jumping off the map.

The above hidden image is the basic setup of the level. If the player jumps off inside the empty spaces surrounding it, they are supposed to die/restart level.

Instead of doing individual coords for each map, I would like to know if there is a way to check if the player is currently on an impassable tile, which would mean that they aren't on the main board. This should able to be run in a conditional branch script.

Sad/Worrying Moments in Video Games

Sometimes, when a game manages to tell a story good, and the characters and such grow on you, what happens to them can directly affect your mood when playing the game. Sad/Worrying moments like when a character is dying, or has been hurt, or has lost something dear to them, etc.
What moments in video games have made you sad? Worried?

Personally, I have not played too many RPGs outside of Square's influence, so naturally, one sad moment was in Final Fantasy IV when Palom and Porom casted Stone on themselves to becomes hard as a rock to protect everyone else from being crushed by the walls. I could not believe that just happened, and then started worrying they would be that way forever, etc. etc.
Another sad moment would be in Final Fantasy IX, during the end, it is hinted that Vivi dies. Vivi along with Steiner and Quina were like the only tolerable characters in that game for me, so that kind of depressed me for a while.

How about you guys, share some sad moments with us!
Unless you are too macho to be affected by video game character happenings. ;)

[VXA] Events Triggering Other Events?

So in my game, I am trying to make it so that the player launches a block at an event (out of many), and when that block(which is an event) hits the event, I want the event the block hits to be triggered. I thought the 'Event Touch' condition would work, but that is if the event touches the player. How would I go about doing this? Using X and Y coords may not work because the events are moving around.

[VX] Creating a Random Status Attack

I am currently making a boss for my game, nothing to original, but it involves elemental weaknesses and resistances. The boss isn't anything special besides the fact that is can change either everyone, the entire opposing team, or an individuals elemental resistance and weakness with skills.
So what I am asking is how would one go about having a skill inflict a RANDOM status? FYI, checking multiple does not make it random. Either a script, or any sort of event-code mockup would be nice.

IRC Chatlogs Topic

For those who have been in the IRC, there are probably many 'funny' chatlogs you might have backed up somewhere. Share them here!

As a general rule, longer logs should be hidden with spoilers, and try to cut off un-needed stuff in the beginning.

Here are some of mine:

Back when I was a lot less mature. *coughs*

21:57:02: <Adonymous237> back to our little game.
21:57:44: <Adonymous237> holy shoot.
21:57:48: <Adonymous237> I have a guess!
21:57:51: <Guest909785452135> "Do you have an obsession of girls in bikini's. Your avatars, and now your artwork. You must jack off to your own artwork"
21:57:53: <Adonymous237> Deacon Batista?
21:57:56: <Adonymous237> holy vo
21:57:59: <Adonymous237> cow*
21:58:06: <Guest909785452135> why holy? i am not holy
21:58:15: <Adonymous237> lol
21:58:24: <Guest909785452135> i am spiritual only
21:58:31: <Adonymous237> lol
21:59:00: <Guest909785452135> so why holy cow?
21:59:17: <Adonymous237> it's like "omg"
21:59:19: <Guest909785452135> once i was here very often
21:59:28: <Guest909785452135> omg for what?
21:59:39: <Adonymous237> omg it's Deacon Batista.
21:59:41: <Adonymous237> :3
22:00:05: <Guest909785452135> whats with him? he is just a standard user like you and me
22:00:16: <Adonymous237> It's you.
22:00:20: <Adonymous237> :|
22:00:35: <Guest909785452135> right
22:00:40: <Adonymous237> lol
22:00:50: <Guest909785452135> then lets say: I AM just a standard user like you and me ;-)
22:01:07: <Adonymous237> ok :s
22:01:44: <Guest909785452135> but you didnt consider me pervert. thats surprising, but good I guess
22:01:53: <Adonymous237> lol
22:02:15: <Adonymous237> No, not perverted, just extremely sexually suggestive. :3 (ohh wait...)
22:02:31: <Adonymous237> maybe suggestive is the wrong word.
22:03:07: <Guest909785452135> and the rioght word?
22:03:42: <Adonymous237> You like women. A lot.
22:03:43: <Adonymous237> :3
22:04:12: <Guest909785452135> and you like men?
22:04:19: <Adonymous237> no
22:04:21: <Adonymous237> lol
22:04:27: <Adonymous237> I like women.
22:04:32: <Adonymous237> You
22:04:40: <Adonymous237> Like women. A lot.
22:04:57: <Guest909785452135> i like titts in games
22:05:04: <Adonymous237> lololol

Some more:

<Yellow_Magic> still lacking C++ I see...
<kentona> oh go fuck a tree
<asd> xd
<Yellow_Magic> a binary tree?
<Yellow_Magic> I could implement one with C++...
<kentona> your girlfriend is an unsorted heap
02 * MirrorMasq ( Quit (Broken pipe)
<Yellow_Magic> :(
<kentona> that was mean I am sorry
<kentona> she is sorted
03 * MirrorMasq ( has joined
<kentona> I am a bad admin
<kentona> bad admin kenton
<Yellow_Magic> if anything she'd be a queue
<Yellow_Magic>, I shall not extend this metaphor. I am not a fan of crude jokes
<kentona> pop that stack
<Yellow_Magic> ;[
<kentona> I'd merge her sort, if you know what I mean
<Yellow_Magic> I'd...quick her sort :(
<kentona> we'd link our lists all night long
<Yellow_Magic> I'd make her suck my dictionary
<asd> ...
<Emirpoen> kentona> I am a bad admin <-- youre forcing it
<Yellow_Magic> I'd linear probe her hash table
<kentona> badminton
<Yellow_Magic> okay I am done. not very good with data structures


You can post images if you would like.

How many of you are there?

There are fewer than 2 people with my name in the United States. (First and last.)
How many people share your name?

I should have specified, this is only does it for the US, and the results probably aren't the most accurate.

Equipping Skills

I have had a thought recently about the way some game's skills are. There tend to be a long line of upgrades for one general spell, such as Fire, Fira, Firaga, Firaja, Firajagalagawagagaga, etc. This happens for pretty much every single spell. Some games are super guilty of this (I am looking at you Final Fantasy!), and there could have been a simple way to combat this. Equipping Skills. This would avoid the tediousness of using a skill in battle, by stopping the million scroll march. It would also make the player think about what skills they want to have someone equip, and remember, it's always nice to have a player thinking about your game.
So my question is, what do you think of the concept of Equipping Skills? Do you think there would be a better way to go about it?
(Also, equipping skills can do other things that reducing the amount of skills you have to scroll through obviously, but I want to see what the community thinks about this subject in general.)

Equipping Skills = A character can choose an X amount of skills to be usable in battle.

CSS User Profiles

I think we should be able to CSS our profiles. Like when you click on your name. When you edit your profile, you can edit the CSS, just like games. Either that or have easy customization. It would be a nice personal touch on a profile, and (hopefully) better looking than the average profile.


One of the things I pay attention to are the statuses in games. Are they exciting? Are they the normal types of silence,poison,blind, etc. statuses? ATK Down, DEF Down, etc? I like exciting statuses.
PURPOSE: Make a list of your favorite statuses or statuses you have made up that divert from the normal ailments. I will make one as an example.

Provoke- The foes are now a lot more prone to attacking you then other allies. If more than one ally has it, they are more likely to be attacked than the allies who don't have the state. If everyone has the state, the effect is nil.
Vanish- The opposite of Provoke, if you are inflicted with Vanish, you cannot be chosen as a target by foes. If everyone has the state, the effect is nil, and if more than one has it, none of them can be chosen for attack.
States cancel each other out.

Predict- Simulates the properties of knowing all the future moves any foe will make, evasion is boosted to the max, making the inflicted evade all attacks.
(aren't the best examples)

RMN Awards

That's right people! We should do RMN awards! We have Misaos, but what about the people? Hmm? I say at the end of every year, like the Misaos, we 'vote' who gets each award. Maybe like a makerscore bonus and an achievement or something. Like 'Most Helpful Member', or 'Most Experienced Member' you know, stuff like that. Just an idea, I haven't seen them here before, so there must be a logical reason why they aren't here.
What's your opinion? Do you support the RMN awards?

I made a banner for this event!