Fake Happy End

heh, I am also here to check how NeoK's doing these days. Kinda remember alter aila after all these while.

McBacon Jam 4

Aethers and Jihaus need to end up on the same team so we can get some crazy medieval fantasy mecha swaggery! :o

Yeah, but there is that rule in McBaco- just kidding, everyone already said it.

Back then, we have a great teamwork. While most of us do spriting and multi-tasking, the work can be roughly divide like:
+ One Spriter (and being lazy, i don't have the engiineee)
+ One BattleSystem/Map/UI Designer
+ One Writer
+ One Scripter

Somehow we (more like Haus and Ocean. Fomar finished scripts ahead of time) managed to assemble everything we had done on the last two days, typing down the plot/story/dialogue as he make the in-game events - and so RF1 happened.

Team out of time, folks.

I guess in the end, our motto is true, "make my game for me".

Also, I have been recruited into the team Armoured Dragon Corps which probably has the mecha-est name in the event. Nice. Let's bacon gaem maek together.

McBacon Jam 4

why hasn't a team snapped up jihaus or aethers yet
they talented dudes

ESBY, you are my hero for the day.
Also, obviously because we are loose cannon. We don't play by the ruuuleeeeees

McBacon Jam 4

I wanna be the idea guy!!1!1!
Please put me in the random bracket.

Program : RMMV
Skillset : Pixels

Alternatively, I can just pixel without touching the engine so feel free to ignore that limitation.

Obligatory quote from the RM Masters: "maek my gaem for me"

zz Legend of the Three Islands

I really dig the pixelwork (chipset and charset). Are these all custom?


That Altima plan sounds pretty good actually. I already enjoyed the original game since it has tons of freedom. I ditched the hero from the get go and control a named guard to save the world. It was pretty glorious adventure (the guard is actually really good with his skillset) and in the end I just grind to solo the final boss. Doable, but takes time and kinda boring at the grind (well, that's solo for you).

Also probably missed a dungeon or two because of the SHIP being buggy with its starting position (not on water. Why). In total, I think I played it twice.

If ALTIMA have skill/job learning system and more chars (with unique passive or something) in addition to your new bosses and quests, it would still be pretty fun. But that is my preferences in game.

Aethers, I totally expect you to put out an amazing mech combat game this year. :3

Question tho, is it more Front Mission, Full Metal Panic, Robotech, Gundam, or Xenogears style?

Are we playing hot potato now?

Also probably front mission or xenogears from your choices.
But first, I need to make/write a story that is not stupid. Or at least stupid but still acceptable.


Well with everybody dropping out I think it's a good time for me to finally start! I even opened MV

It's such a good timing isn't it.

*starts eyeing "In Case of Emergency: Altima 2" notes*

Actually I already used those, in Ace! I was making a similar overworld-heavy game using that Japanese resource set where you were a fox with the vague goal of "Save the land". You could recruit party members who'd point you to defeat the evil not-Nobunaga but that'd just give a bad ending. The twist was the player had to look at the game's achievements to find other tasks to do that would point towards the good ending where you recruit the evil not-nobunaga to save the realm from a big bad jerk demon or something boring like that.

You're the maker of Altima! I really like that game. Still waitint for the upgraded/updated/plus version to come out lol.

But yeah, Altima2. Looking forward for that too.


Due to RL and other stuff, apparently it is impossible for me to finish my work (I spent more time spriting than working too, what the heck). Way to go, another event failed.

Sorry guys, I am so shamefur.

Rest assured, I'll go hide in the corner or something from this shamefur dispray.


@Aethers - I quite like the blockiness from a stylistic kinda view? Depends what you're going for though.

Probs too late to suggest, but depending on what you're looking for, why not go for the cross-section effect where like.. you show the dirt underneath at the sides, and then a little grass overhanging the edges? Lemme do a quick edit to show what I mean..

Probably way, way too much effort on a time limit though, especially if your maps are already decent and functional.

Actually, I like the blocky look too. I guess I should keep it.
Oh and yes, actually that's what I do. It is green uhh grass/vine look at the bottom because it is a forest. Initially I planned to use dirt like your example, but I saved it for actual hill area or something.

Keeping the area theme and all that.


Managed to get some ugly edit done (less blocky shapes). Tried making it uneven but boy, it was harder than i thought. So diagonal cut it is.

Probably gonna use the third one. And yes, it still looks blocky no matter what. Bleh.