Nocturne: Rebirth (English)

Can anyone recommend a similar(ly good) game like this?
Hat World :P
What is that engine?? Is it their own personal one? ... Also, it's untranslated, but it looks cool! It's got a minimap, and nice sprites... Oh. It's RPGMaker VX Ace, apparently.
VX (without the Ace), to be exact :)

I wanted to ask this question as well? I really love this game and wanted to play a similar style game but couldn't find any. Is there none like it in english?

Castle Oblivion: Remake

I have downloaded the game and was playing it for several hours as it is very enjoyable. However, now I am stuck and not sure if I will be able to continue. I am in the Great Sea area of the game and I find that the game lag very badly there that I am almost unable to move at all. I don't think the problem is my laptop. Is there a way to reduce the lagging of the game in that part?

Passage of The Hollow Moon

I haven't played an rpg game for a long time. This seems awesome and with a story, so I will give it a try.

Demonic Tutor

I just finished the game.
I must say I am really shocked by the ending I don’t get how Hope had a complete character change and switch sides like that since up until she was taken she loved Vince. In the ending she was very harsh and I don’t understand how Vince would just let her go like that and be okay with it. That didn’t make sense at all. I feel they got rid of the wrong person at the end. Also, Jack was not a good character at all and even worse than Hope.

Overall, a great game and I enjoyed playing it. I wished there were more skills to use and a clearer character and motive description/explanation.

Demonic Tutor

I am currently stuck in the maze of shadow (optional dungeon) where I have to go from room to room to find exit, but I keep walking in circles and can’t find the next teleport. Is there a clue to picking which part of the room to exit from?

Demonic Tutor

Optional quests are not effected by what you do in the main story or by other quests. (I actually play tested the game by going through the main story without doing any quests, then completing all the optional quests after the final boss just to make sure that there would be no problems with some string quests.)

Are you looking in the correct Dor Wasteland? (Not the Northern Dor Wasteland, but the other one where Faith first starts her story.)

Thanks for the reply. I was looking at the wrong place and finally found the guy.

Demonic Tutor

I still cant find the person for Madam Vi's quest. I was wondering can I move on to the next part of the story and come back to do the quest later? Can I do the same for the warrior guild as well?

Demonic Tutor

This looks very interesting. How long is it?
Also, it is interesting that the characters dies if MP is reached zero, I am not sure if that will make it difficult to play the game but will see how it impacts the game play. I found myself using regular attack more instead of skills as the amount of damage taken from each skill to your hp is increased each time.

I am stuck with one side quest.
I need to find a person (john for Madam Vi) in the Dor Wasteland and I cant find any guy there. I looked all over the place and the thieves hideout and cant find him, where is he at?

Unneeded Heroes

Why don't you try downloading the game again ?

It could be a fault with the copy you have, game saves ok

I re-downloaded the game again, but I still cant save in the slots. I don't know what could possibly be wrong.

Unneeded Heroes

Bgamer when you talk to the sister she will ask if you want to record journey or nothing for now,choose record journey and slot you want to save to and she will say may god bless your path.
Game should be save.

I did exactly as you said, but the game still doesn't save (I can't choose any slot as when I press space bar nothing happens). I went to the title screen after she said that and I had no save file to load from.
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