I'm on Youtube. I like making arcade-like games.
The Devil Game - APG
Action puzzle game featuring a colorful cast of characters!



RPGM Releases 2019 Original OST Thread

I like the track. Sounds spacey, and it's catchy. Love the atmosphere it gives
Cheers mate! Your tracks really have that early 2000s PS2 drum and bass soundtrack thing going on, sounds awesome!

Thank you that's exactly what I was going for ;)

RPGM Releases 2019 Original OST Thread

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RPGM Releases 2019 Original OST Thread

This was something I brought up to Liberty a while ago to making voting on game soundtracks for the Misao's a lot easier for people. Hopefully with this thread people will be able to get an idea of what soundtracks were like in games they might not play this year so even if they cant judge a games original soundtrack in the context of how it sounds within the game, they can still judge the music based on its own merits.

I am only planning to release one game this year and so I will be slowly updating this post with each audio track as I release the OST on youtube each week. I imagine other people will want to do the same with each post containing one games OST.

Anyways, happy listening everybody!

Shooty and the Catfish - Episode 1

Track 01: Transcendent Rising Ghosts
Composed by Jim Hort

I like the track. Sounds spacey, and it's catchy. Love the atmosphere it gives

RPGM Releases 2019 Original OST Thread

Brutal - The Final Challenges

Track 04: A Lick of Magic
Composed by brutalmoon

Track 14: Second Inferno
Composed by brutalmoon

Check out the entire OST here: Playlist

Yo, I'm BrutalMoon

Welcome! Don't forget to read the rules~

Just a heads-up, once your game page is accepted you can add blogs and pages to it. Making forum posts to advertise your game isn't allowed, so keep the content about your game on the game page itself. It can take up to a week for a game to go through the queue, depending on when you post it, so be patient. ;p

Enjoy and have fun and good luck with the game making!

Thank you! And sorry about that! I'll wait until Sunday for the game page to be approved. I hope people will enjoy the game :)

[RM2K3] A frightening arcade-style Halloween game!

Lil Ugly Mane inspired official art. So grim, muahahaha!

Halloween has arrived... This is a festive day for the Underworld, as they can go wild and party. However, this day means nothing to Jack Spookull, the pumpkin head skeleton lunatic, as every day is a new opportunity to party hard. Meanwhile, Scynthia, the timid Grim Reaper, on her day off, decides to go for a stroll in this special occasion. However, there are many crazy creatures in the way. For Jack, this is a fun challenge! For Scynthia, eh, not at all.

This is an arcade style game where you dodge obstacles and try to get to the goal.

There are 8 regular levels, 8 Master levels, and one secret level. You can only access the Master levels and the secret level if you beat the game without losing a single life.

I hope that it will be a great game to play on Halloween! It'll come out on the 31st.

Here is an image of the game.

Yo, I'm BrutalMoon

Hey, the name's BrutalMoon. I like making arcade-style games, and I love RPG Maker 2003. I plan on using VX Ace to make a visual novel.
I have been lurking on this site since 2012, and I finally decided to be a part of the community in 2017.
While my first published game was not very well received, I can honestly say I am a person who tries their best to constantly improve from their mistakes, and I gladly accept criticism. I promise to deliver a second and much better game, which you can check out here: Brutal - The New Challenges
I am currently making a Halloween themed demo with exclusive content. I will make a thread in the Game Design & Development sub-forum about it.
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