Starless Umbra 9.0.0b Released!

Tried it in different file paths, doesn't work.

I have Windows 8 64-Bit.

EDIT: The old version doesn't work either... Looks like an issue with Windows 8 or with 64-Bit platforms, because before I had Windows XP 32-Bit and it worked there.

Starless Umbra 9.0.0b Released!

No DynRPG plugins are loaded due to Molebox!!! So all the cool features don't work.

(I now just copied your folder from the Dropbox)
EDIT: Found a bug: When you are in running mode, stamina levelup bar is full and you receive an item (which turns off running), you don't level up. You have to press Shift twice in order to level up.

EDIT2: The chest in Arkor, right left to the Inn, misses the fancy animation.

EDIT3: Why do no road signs work?

Disaster Has Struck, Yet Again.

author=Ashes of Emerald
I haven't. What's it's features opposed to rm2k3?
It's basically the same program, but you can integrate DynRPG into it easier. Also, like I said, it seems to give me less hassle with delting my maps.

Sorry, this is wrong. RPG Maker 2009 Ultimate ( ) has nothing to do with DynRPG. Instead, it offers new features like colored event command highlighting, resource subfolders, no limits on graphic sizes, multiple instances, map search by name or ID, 125 instead of 25 sprites per animation sheet, longer comments and more.

Thanks for mentioning the program, though!

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Looking for DynRPG plugins!

I've updated the plugin directory at my page.
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