On a mission to play a bunch of RPG Maker Horror games.




i finished playing this game on this site actually and wow...this was a real wild ride. im not crying, you're crying.

Fleshchild is Cancelled

Very sad to hear of its cancellation ;v; i loved Fleshchild and was waiting for it to complete. But i cant blame you for feeling drained from the responsibility

Whoa this status function is a thing i can do?

You can't, actually.

lmao okay

The Mystery Files of Detective Inaba No. 1

Yay finished the game! i love the concept of a detective RPG Horror. this was fun to play! cant wait for the next parts to the series. The puzzles i feel are a bit hard to solve sometimes though, and most of the players cant solve it without using a guide. there oughta be more clues next time to help you figure the puzzles better or something ^^

Birthday Kid

i f*cked up and downloaded the game into some random place in my pc and now i cant find it....crap

Ayumi: Enhanced Edition

something seems wrong when i start up the game, the title screen seems jumbled, the start text is way up near the top of the screen. and its basically unplayable x.x

Hetalia Unawakened

i think i ran into a bug? near the end i got the key and opened the final door, and go through the hallway with the space background, but when i reach the 2 doors at the end i walk through and nothing happens? o.o

When Yanderes Cry

oh heck yes! yandere is one of my favorite anime tropes. looking forward to trying this

Star Stealing Prince

this game is so long >.< and is it just me or are the bosses pretty challenging? nevertheless i'm determined to finish it. also i started a new file and in the Sepulcher of the Lord chapter the ladder wouldn't show up this time after pressing the switch, so now i can't proceed....wth

Painted Heart

this was a nice game, i enjoyed it a lot. took me forever to beat the final boss though hahahah <:D
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