I like RPG Maker Horror games.



Phileas's Mirror

Looks like it'll be interesting, I'll keep an eye out for this one

The Errand

Here's a list of a few errors I found. With some spoiler-free reactions mixed in:

- Opened the game up for the first time and the sound options for the BGM and BGS were muted for some reason? Glad I checked the options first.

- Also, the 2 save files (that you most likely used for playtesting) were left in with the download data and I could see them in the "Continue" section of the menu screen.

- Found a glitch, in the cabin of the Wench, there's a long vine thing on the wall to the right that you can walk right up and onto the edges of the map lol.

- In the Cathedral, I can't seem to walk through the cracks on the ground, yet I can phase through the benches on the left like a ghost.

- The artwork is nice, the sketchy battle sprite art for the enemies are pretty cool. I also like the sound you chose for the text.

- The "mortar" part of "mortar and pestle" was misspelled twice.

- Overall, interesting concept. :) wished there was a bit more usage of background music in certain places though, as it felt a little too quiet. But I get you were going for a certain tone, so do what you will with that.


i finished playing this game on this site actually and wow...this was a real wild ride. im not crying, you're crying.

Fleshchild is Cancelled

Very sad to hear of its cancellation ;v; i loved Fleshchild and was waiting for it to complete. But i cant blame you for feeling drained from the responsibility

Whoa this status function is a thing i can do?

You can't, actually.

lmao okay

The Mystery Files of Detective Inaba No. 1

Yay finished the game! i love the concept of a detective RPG Horror. this was fun to play! cant wait for the next parts to the series. The puzzles i feel are a bit hard to solve sometimes though, and most of the players cant solve it without using a guide. there oughta be more clues next time to help you figure the puzzles better or something ^^

Birthday Kid

i f*cked up and downloaded the game into some random place in my pc and now i cant find it....crap

Ayumi: Enhanced Edition

something seems wrong when i start up the game, the title screen seems jumbled, the start text is way up near the top of the screen. and its basically unplayable x.x

Hetalia Unawakened

i think i ran into a bug? near the end i got the key and opened the final door, and go through the hallway with the space background, but when i reach the 2 doors at the end i walk through and nothing happens? o.o

When Yanderes Cry

oh heck yes! yandere is one of my favorite anime tropes. looking forward to trying this
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