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"Chill" -Gov'ner Arnold Schwarzenegger

Poodle Can-Can by NewBlack

Audacity ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
( ゚ ヮ゚)
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( ̄▽ ̄; )
( ≖‿≖)
(b  ╹◡╹ )b  
(ノ ゚ヮ゚)ノ uıɔs
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
┻━┻︵╰(の_の)╯︵ ┻━┻
_(:3 」∠)_

introverts are just assholes who resent having to waste their precious time on other people. Extrovertas are assholes who can't stand being alone and make everyone do what they want
Atom Pulsar and the Rust...
A surreal adventure on a nearly deserted island!



Bun-Bo Forum RPG

halibabica / Rashers
In his haste to act, Rashers fumbles with his taser and it clumsily flies through the air,
While frantically grabbing for it, Rashers manages to hit the weapon's trigger, which immediately sends a bright blue spark coursing over the business end. While doing so, Rashers receives a smart shock! It then tumbles end over end towards Milo.
+3 Damage to Rashers!

Hexatona / Milo
With devious decisive action, Milo spins out his revolver and levels it with the wolf. A perfect shot is aimed and fired. Unfortunately, a weaponized taser comes tumbling in the way, and takes the bullet with admirable gusto.
A small spark spits out of the damaged weapon and nicks Milo on the cheek.
+2 Damage to Milo!

Shinan / Wilton
In a fury of action, Wilton spins around to hurl the chair in his angry hands. Suddenly, mid-swing, a damaged taser comes hurling in his direction. As if propelled by a missile. It lands squarely in his opened armpit, sending a lightning storm internally. It is so potent, Wilton turns pitch black and his skeleton illuminates bright white.
+8 damage to Wilton!
While this is happening, the chair that was intended for the opposite end of the room is hurled straight into the air instead. It lands on Wilton's charred head with a deafening thud.
+2 Damage to Wilton!
A silent moment passes as the taser drops to the ground, shattering into a million useless pieces.
The soot instantly tumbles free of Wilton.

Everyone has 1 HP.

Bun-Bo Forum RPG

Should close this chapter of my life properly...

Shinan / Wilton
As Wilton sits down and begins to carve into the turkey dinner, a section of the wall rolls up! A Milo the Mouse-shaped hole flying up into the ceiling.
Behind the doorway, a robot zooms throughRashers and Milo!
+1 Damage to Rashers and Milo!
Rashers and Milo are slapped AWAKE!
With swift efficiency, the robot slaps a forkful of turkey from Wilton's hand.
"This... Is... For... Display... Only...!" the robot chimes, before zooming back into the hole in the wall. The robot knocks Milo and Rashers into the Kitchen, and the wall door slams shut.

Rashers and Milo are now in the Kitchen, and are Awake.

Burrito Addict Here

if you're a burrito fan, you need to read the Magic 2.0 book series. The wizards consider the burrito to be the perfect meal.


The dark abyss of Canada just got darker. Kentona.

Benjamin Button meets WrestleMania

I was, for some reason, expecting to see baby pictures of Hulk Hogan and Tugboat etc.


Finally got around to listening to these. I'm on Hitchhiker's Guide to Ivalice. Thanks for these, Hexy!

Bun-Bo Forum RPG


Bun-Bo Forum RPG

Shinan / Wilton
Wilton enters a dining room. There is a large table with chairs around it. On top sits a succulent turkey dinner. Untouched, and freshly cooked. There is no one in the room, but Wilton can hear a scuffle coming from the dining room's other open door frame.
To be simple, the room has 6 exits.
North-West, the music room (where you came from)
North, the roll-up doorway that leads to the Central Robot Room
North-East, the doorway leading to the sounds of a fight.
East, an unopened door.
South, an unopened door that has a cat-door flap.
West, an unopened door.

For ease of reference, this is the map of the first floor:

Rashers will wake up in 1 Turn.

Hexatona / Milo
Without hesitation, the mouse runs his nose along the length of the poisoned cheese. After a moment to smack his lips together, Milo swallows the cheese whole. An expression of elation quivers across Milo's face. And then, he keels over.
Milo will wake up in 3 Turns!

Post yourself thread!

My old man just found some old pictures of me and our old doggo, Sasha-pants.
I have no idea when these were taken. Maybe 1996-7?

Bun-Bo Forum RPG

halibabica / Rashers
Is slumped against the South door of the robot room.
Wake up in 2 Turns!

Shinan / Wilton
Yawns awake. What a nap!

Hexatona / Milo
The Fast Talk is a pure failure. So much so that, Milo needs to make a wild gesture with his arms to make it sound believable. Doing so, Milo knocks over a Ming vase!
"Speak for yourself!" Hahn retorts as he grabs for Milo.
However, as Hahn is about to grab Milo, the sirens go off. The West wall, (behind the TV) opens up to reveal the Robot Room.
Then, a Cleaning Robot zooms past Milo, and runs over Hahn.
-2 Damage to Hahn McAvian!
A security robot follows suit and thwacks Hahn McAvian with his night wand.
-4 Damage to Hahn McAvian!
While the security guard and robot exchange blows, Milo slips around the Cleaning Robot, and runs into the dark Robot Room. Which is now illuminated on the East and West side, as well as a small sliver of light coming from the South, and a pillar of light coming from above.
The darkness of the room is more like a dimness.
Milo can see a sleeping Rashers. But more importantly, a succulent square of aromatic cheese lies at Rashers' feet. Mmmm...