Well it was Cid. I changed the character to someone else (Trigger) and the game progressed normally. Thanks. Now I understand why I may be the only one who could have encountered this problem.


When I enter the boss room on top of the mountain, the event starts with the music and my character stepping forward. Then, instead of progressing the event immediately restarts. Music restarts and main character moves forward. Infinite loop and the game locks up. I wish I could provide an image but I'm having issues with saving pictures on my PC right now.


Hmm, I saw a fix for Mt. Zahg door on the comments page, but not the Mt. Houzell event.


I had a few slowdown issues on the map, along with some crashing even with the fix. It didn't bug me a whole lot, but it's there.

Wondering if the pre-boss event on Mt. Houzell has been fixed? I'm still unable to get past this game since the game locks.

Blackmoon Prophecy II

Thanks, that fixed it. Now I'm at Mt. Houzell and the game locks up at the event in the boss room. I enter, the music starts, then the event is on infinite repeat and the screen keeps panning up with the music restarting (the game doesn't progress).

Blackmoon Prophecy II

The door in Mt. Zahg to the crystal isn't opening. I beat the boss. I think it might be a passability issue or switch. Also, there are several passability issues in the dungeon on the bridges which prevent me from getting some of the chests.

Blackmoon Prophecy II

I didn't notice it before, but man the world map music is loaded. I left the game running in the background and was pleasantly surprised.

Demo #2 Feedback Questions

1. I haven't experienced any crashing so far.

2. The game does get more difficult around the time you get Hautley, and that's mainly because he is so overpowered. His multi-target spells deal much more damage than anything Zephyr or Reiner can do at that time, and I feel that encounters rely on abusing these spells in order to win without getting near wrecked. Having the ability to avoid all random encounters on the world map by using chocobo makes things harder, but that's just me and I sometimes hate random encounters.

3. I haven't finished the demo yet but I'm in Kaipo and I've barely noticed a change in shops inventory. It came to a point where I almost ignore them in every new town I come across.

4. Not really for equipment. However getting monsters for the Augurers is a grind fest, which is why I'm going to stop using Zephyr and Reiner.

As for the music, I agree that the chocobo theme from Lightning Returns sounds better. In fact, I would love it if you used more obscure music from FF titles instead of the most common ones (how many times have I heard Terra's theme in a fangame...I lost count). The world map theme is a great example. And I hate to bash original music, but the Lindblum City theme makes my ears bleed.

Great game though, so far! I admit I didn't like the first that much but this is already looking miles better.

Preference on Dungeon Length

TBH I think the dungeons are the highlight of your game, at least the two big ones in the latest version. Good length, good pacing, many things to do, puzzles, minibosses...it's all there. In fact, I could go as far as to say that future dungeons should actually be longer (as in, Zelda length).

Many games have piss poor dungeon design because, while the dungeons are long, they're boring. I just can't have fun in a dungeon that's nothing more than a labyrinth with nothing else to do. Final Fantasy does this a lot, random encounters not helping the case.

Lakria Legends

In the new demo, I can't cross the bridge on the mountain on the second screen. Looks like a tile problem.