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@BluePhoenix many thanks, mate!



Heartland 1.02 version added!
RMN Direct Download available! (you can still download old version from itch.io)

This version fixes the annoying wyvern bug (where you could face wyvern before time), a minor passability issue and other little tweaks. Savegames from older versions *will work* on this one.

For new players, players that get lost easily, don't like exploration, the guidelines/tutorial .TXT is heavily recommended! Download below, or directly from the downloads tab. Enjoy~

Given the feedback of various people getting easily lost:

ATTENTION: For ANYONE that is getting LOST/Got LOST, do not have much time to spare, prefer to play the game directly, do not like exploration, etc.:

I've uploaded a Step-by-Step GUIDELINE/TUTORIAL in form of a short, resumed .TXT for you all. It's pretty raw, but the game isn't long at all. So you will see it's pretty much easy to get to the end, specially in casual mode.

Download directly from MEGA.NZ

Grab it right here, or directly from the download tab in this page :)

Those who didn't play the thing anymore because of getting lost, I encourage you to give it a second try :) For new players, this tutorial may come handy.

official igmc participation station 2018

Made it 2 days before the deadline. A master list sure is a good idea. Ill make sure to check ya'll guys entries :)
Heartland: https://itch.io/jam/igmc2018/rate/335947

Screenshot Survival 20XX

@bulmabriefs144: oh, I'll just change it to "suddenly" in that case. Btw, I did not meant scintillate as to the heart, just the chest. I referred to the dictionary and this is one of the definitons I found "to emit quick flashes as if throwing off sparks : SPARKLE
stars scintillate in the sky" And it's synonyms are "flash, glance, gleam, glimmer, glint,shimmer,sparkle, twinkle" amongst others, so in regard to the chest, I think it's clear that I refer to an energy scintillating inside her chest. Perhaps I still can be wrong though - makes sense to me in spanish but dunno much well how semantics work here.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

@Koulucky: thanks!

@bulmafriefs144: Thank you :) and what sounds cheesy to you, though? it could help me make the dialogues better :) also, yeah "out of sudden" - sounds too weird or doesn't make sense at all? forgot to say that english is not my native language.

@Craze: uhmmm, if by letterbox you mean the black borders, the game has only 32px tall black borders (top and bottom) - it looks that big 'cause of the fullscreen aspect ratio, and that part being taller than the visible area of the camera. And I did that on purpose because there's an interaction there, let me illustrate

Btw, I like the dialogue on your screenshot

@Stormcrow: hey, I like the second map's layout. Perhaps the first one looks a bit empty, but not bad overall.

Basically what it does is a smooth camera pan there, then back and finishing with a dialogue text.

Now for the actual today's screenshot! This is Heartland's lake - The lake is heart-shaped, but the player only notices it when they circle it. By the way, the game, besides the dungeons and the shops, is one single map. The lake's at the forest, and when you get near to it... well, rain happens ;)And yes, those are rain splashes on the lake.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

@Koulucky: interesting graphics there. i'm assuming that's lava down below?

This is from the inside of the cirice (cirice = old english for church). It'll be for my IGMC Entry - Heartland. Game features no dialogues, having second person texts told by a narrator. The game is rather moody and atmospheric, focusing a lot on sounds, literature and music. When I say sounds I mean natural sounds (blowing wind, grass footsteps, rain sounds). Throughout the narrator sayings you'll see that nihilism is part of the game's mood, as well as the story itself.

Ironically, the gameplay will be of a roguelike dungeon-crawler.

official igmc participation station 2018

i mean, if i make it, it'll be my first game ever published lmao after 8 years using the engine. so yeah this'll be a fun ride

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Breathtaking indeed. What an amazing scenery!

MV vs 2003 for 16-Bit Aesthetic

Woops, didn't pay attention to the timestamps, they're so small I didn't realize. Welp, let's pretend I didn't say anything 8D