[RMMZ] Fonts Going Rogue wtfish

You might want to check all of your plugins affecting messages/fonts. Sometimes there's more than one plugin affecting fonts, and that may cause issues.

Check if the same happens on other computers. If it doesn't, you might have a graphics issue. Update your drivers or roll back to a previous version where everything was fine.

Furthermore, if everything's fine, try testing different fonts and see if the same issue happens.

Swap in 3 Middle with Who?

This sounds fantastic. It'd be my first time participating, so bear with me, please.

I own all RM versions minus MZ. And RM95. I'm fine with whatever version otherwise. Including VX lol.

Edit: crap, I forgot my graphics card died and thus I cannot use MV (very old PC with shitty integrated chipset). Okay, so, I can work with: 2K, 2K3, XP, VX, VX Ace, all of them on Steam.

Trying to figure out which RPG Maker is best for my project (why why WHY did i buy VX Ace back in 2020. WHY)

RM Ace is by no means a bad RPG Maker. I can't even say if a RPG Maker is bad at all. Hell, there are people still using VX to this day, as you can see per the reply above. And I mention VX because its mapping system wasn't the most popular back then (coming from the three-layers XP mapping system).

It all narrows down to what you feel more comfortable with. I, for example, adore using VX Ace. I can use all engines, but VX Ace is just my favorite. But, if you need more power (different resolutions, porting, better performance) I can't tell you "yes, use Ace over MV" when MV and MZ are clearly more powerful engines.

TL:DR; Use whatever you feel the most comfortable with. All engines are equally good depending on how proficient you are with them.

Faded Blue Review

P.S: all the music (except for one or two pieces) is actually from www.soundimage.org (Eric Matyas), not really from RTP. I just thought I'd add that :D

Fixed. Anyway i'm pretty sure that the music during the bossfights (like the one with the knights) and some sounds *are* rpgmaker Rtps arent' they?

The fast travel animation, as well as the battle against the knights, both use RTP music. The battle against the tree doesn't. Sound effects are for the most part RTP, except for system sounds (cursor, selection, etc.), and some others (creepy SFX used in the burning house scene and the last scene, and perhaps other miscellaneous).

Faded Blue Review

This is an amazing, honest and transparent review, and I love it. I really appreciate the time you took to write this review for a simple demo, it means a lot.

Regrettably, the game has a bug on the second battle against the knights, as you are pointing out. For anyone reading, please, if you have a recent savestate, you may as well reload from there, as that battle occurs really close to the ending of the demo. And, I mean, just after that battle you're only two cutscenes away from finishing it.

Faded Blue has a lot of flaws, and that I'm aware of. I am determined to optimize the game experience, add depth and overall just improve the product.

P.S: all the music (except for one or two pieces) is actually from www.soundimage.org (Eric Matyas), not really from RTP. I just thought I'd add that :D


What a scary innkeeper, he’s gon take ma money!

He's hella cranky, for sure!

Faded Blue

Nice!!! Will write a (demo) review. Pretty good sadly I could not go past the battle against the two knights because after defeating them the combat encounter did not stop and I was stuck there! :(

Hey! Thank you a lot for playing, again. I was notified of this game-breaking bug a couple of days ago. I'm truly saddened by that since the rules of the contest forbid me from patching it. If you have a savestate previous to the battle (if it's not that far from that point), I encourage you to give it another go, since you were at 90% completion. The last scene and the last talk with the old guy from the hamlet, to me, are one of the bests things from the game.

BTW, the bug only occurs (to my knowledge) if you retry the battle. If you do not retry, the battle will end just normally.

Faded Blue

Demo version is now out and available on itch.io! Please, visit the link to download the game.

Faded Blue

This looks really cute, shame it wasn't ready for IMGC, but I'll definitely check it out once it's released.

Hello, Sidewinder! A demo will be submitted for the IGMC tonight (and here as well, of course). Indeed, it's sad that I couldn't finish the entire thing, but I hope what I've made so far is welcomed by the players.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

@MackValentine: I wonder how you made this. Looks sleek.


Juno lives on a floating island with Sunny. She's her best friend, companion, and an actual sun!

This game will be my entry for the IGMC 2022 game jam.

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