MV vs 2003 for 16-Bit Aesthetic

If you don't mind me asking, how do you run in canvas mode?

Well, I don't know if there's any other method but I just use this code
SceneManager.preferableRendererType = function() { return 'canvas'; };

Open your notepad, paste that into it, save it as force_canvas (or whatever) with .js extension, and just add it as a plugin.

MV also runs better for me than any other RM, not in the editor, but in game. The editor is sloppy af, but I just roll with it. In-game it's a lot better tho. Both on WebGL and Canvas mode.

There's no objective reason to choose RM2K3 instead of newer engines, specially MV. So if you choose to use RM2K3 (which is totally fine) it's because you like it, or it's nostalgic to you, or whatever personal reason, but in comparison MV crushes any other RM engine.

Edit: wtf so many answers while I was writing hahaha.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

My, my... so many excellent screens, I'm even getting jealous :o It's a true joy to lurk around this place, seeing so many cool screenies it sure motivates you!

@Erilex/Kefka: man, I only hope that game doesn't take five years to be completed, because just by seeing the aesthetics of it, it instantly reminds me of DS and I want to play it badly. Judging by the creepy men in the background, will it have religious overtones like DS did?

@Chilly: I'm really digging that style man. At first it gave me an Earthbound vibe, then the differences became evident, but I still like the style a lot. Isometric is not something you see everyday.

@Punkitt: cute battle layout, the most interesting of all is the battle background. Cool stuff. Wouldn't it better if the HUD numbers were white tho?

@JosephSeraph: cool platform system and nice graphics, I like the aesthetics of it, and the movement seems to be smooth. I've seen the progress from where you started up until now :3

@Koopa: not much to say about your screen, those tiles I've always loved 'em. Also, that guy seems to be in trouble!


I wanted to say that I've read the feedback you guys gave me (I don't remember the nicks but I think it was Caladium and other people, sorry I'm a goldfish) even if I didn't respond anymore to this thread, or to them. Anyways, I've been lurking all this time and changing lots of stuff from my game, specially because I do not want it to be all RTP, even if I can't have custom assets I still want to make it a little different from the rest. Just a little.

So that said, I gotta add that what I've changed is: tilesets, sprites, windowskin and the font. I'm looking for feedback on how this message style looks

External link

Legrand Legacy

Impressive work! Don't have words for what i'm seeing right now. This is greatness.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Hey all! New to these forums =p Lotta great stuff in here, I really like the screenshots I've seen so far. Lot of custom graphics too! Seems like that's popular around here. I'm not a pixel artist myself so I use RTP and edits but I like to make the most out of it to give it my own style. I recently made this map as an introductory scene for my game but I liked it so much I decided to make it the actual titlescreen.

(Click the thumbnail to see full image)

Hope you like it! Let me know what you guys think =) I'm open to all kind of feedback.

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