Screenshot Survival 20XX

Working on a cyberpunk arcade area for my game. Been working on it since last night and I'm super happy with how it's turning out!

Here's it in motion:

This is so nice :) Loving the color scheme.

Looks real lovely, the green neon-y tint is noice :~

I'm a fan.

@KoopaKush: hey that looks clean. Reminds me of old PSX RE games. Spooky streetlights ambience sets the deal. Nice job.


Well, Imma leave this gif that took me forever to upload. Crappy internet. Anyways, I'm very proud of the mist effect, it turned out exactly as I imagined it. Had to get a bit creative though, but it is pretty simple nonetheless. I'm thinking if the other lights should be animated. Like flickering or something. Perhaps someone will leave me their feedback, I'll read.

This is a scene from the remake of my IGMC game, Heartland. Now Heartland: Awakening

A Fond Farewell to Yanfly

Heartland Returns.

Heartland Remake Bigger Scope List for Changes:
1) Expansion of the plot, plot elements, story, character background and others.
2) Re-structuring the narrative.
3) Enhancing gameplay
4) Necessary QoL changes (faster text, fix passability issues, current objective marker, etc))
5) Expand gameplay elements (possibly introducing collectables, amongst others)

Heartland Remake Detailed Scope List for Changes (tentative)(can be expanded):
Where * means this feature is already planned to be added and * means its completely tentative yet.

1) More bosses *
2) Actual scenes for memoirs and storytelling instead of text throwup *
3) Custom-made menu (we all love menus don't we)*
4) Brand new areas to visit *
5) New secondary characters *
6) Options! (player can now choose text speed, woot)*
7) Objective Screen (player can see, through a key and/or a menu option, what they have to do so they can advance in the game) *
8) Actual tutorials! (and not just a dull image that tells you the keys that you already know what they do) *
9) Pointers! (by pressing a key, player can see highlighted markers that tell them what they can interact with and where they can go to) *
10) Collectables *
11) Boss Replay Mode *
12) Better Battle Balance *
13) More skills *

The Mapping Shop(tm)

Looks like things got kinda out of control here. Even Walmart was brought to the table. Crazy.

I won't reply to someone whose advice is to read Goblin Slayer for business model.
And, with all respect you deserve (and anyone): why would a soul want a 500x500 map anyways? Even then, a 500x500 is monstruous, and I don't see 200$ a bad price for something that'd take a week or more to complete. And blood, and sweat.

I'll look into cliff height issues, thanks. Have never noticed anything in-game, though.

Still, I can assure my maps are in no way bad, or poor. Polishment issues are shown in the pics I put yesterday, that is for sure, but that is something that would not occur for a commission. If you want, any of you can commission me a map for free. No bigger than 100x100. I am not a bad mapper, and I can show.

Have you thought about just selling your lighting/atmosphere skills instead?

I do sell my lighting/atmosphere separately, too. It is not necessary to request maps for me to do lighting. If someone wants only lighting for their maps, I can do that too. I am open for business :)

As said by others, and myself earlier - the pricing is fine. It's just some of the mapping issues that cause me to question anything about the shop, honestly. I think it's perfectly fine to charge based on tiles. It makes a lot of sense, actually. I'm kinda surprised you didn't just make it 25c instead, though, to make it easier to calculate for yourself and others - I would have.

Think of the 24c as a natural small discount. However, I agree 25c is easier for calculations.

Yeah, to be clear, I have zero problems with what you've said here. We all work hard on our own mapping so when someone claims to be a Level 100 Mapping Wizard but has basic errors in some of their maps, I think it's totally fine to point that out so that people paying for it know what they're getting.

Let's not put things out of context, please. The image is obviously a "funny" presentation. Please, just look at the crappy photoshop explosion. Yet, if you want to take it serious, please look at how the "wizard" part is about how I turn a simple, raw map into an atmospheric map. I showcase lighting there, not mapping abilities.

Thanks for all your comments, guys, but I do not think this is place to discuss pricing and business models, though I found interesting to hear your opinions.

Thanks all for taking your time to view the thread and responding. Cheers.

Edit: almost forget.
I think you have some really great maps in there, but I agree with Libby in that some of them are not quite up to par. Still, I'd say the maps are paying for at their current price.

Thank you for your words, I appreciate them :)

The Mapping Shop(tm)


In regards of recent feedback, I've uploaded new showcase images to prove that I not only can shift+map, but I also can make solid maps from a structure point of view.

Before continuing, I want to express that, unless you're using custom graphics, your maps **will not ever look as good as they would with lighting effects**. No map stand for its own in-game. It may wow one when looking at a whole picture, but in-game you get to see small portions of it.

And that's the reason why scenario-like maps are better than hellishly structurated maps.

The following maps, except for the *first one*, contain no screen effects, and are full mapshots. All maps, except for the *first one*, were done under six hours, at the present date.

Maps were done using only RTP to better showcase my skills, as it is easy to look good when using custom resources and/or edits. (Not condemning its use at all, au contraire).

The first map shows what can a good, creative parallax mapper can do.

These will be added to the showcase section. Thanks for viewing this thread.

The Mapping Shop(tm)

Not the case, ma'am, I get what you are intending to say. Again, some of the maps are very old, and I can see them not displaying my current skills. My bad for searching in my screenshots folder indiscriminately. I don't even remembered them having such problems.

May as well update the showcase area. Thanks for your feedback.

The Mapping Shop(tm)

Excuse me, I do know how to shift map o.ó

Edit: I agree some of these pics are actually very old, but yet...

The Mapping Shop(tm)


I will wait!

(seriously, this looks super good.)

Heartland 1.02 version uploaded to the RMN host server :) Direct download available


This looks wonderful.

Will you be doing a download that doesn't require an itch.io signup? I'm willing to jump the hurdle of making an itch.io account, I just don't particularly want to.

Hi! Actually didn't know it was required an account in order to download games from itch.io. Totally missed that. Will be uploading the game here later tonight in that case. Please wait for it ;)

Thanks for noticing.