Status: Currently working on an RPGMaker game since April 2015. Currently learning GameMaker as well.

Gamer, Wrestling fan, green belt and rookie game developer.

I have 2 great stories I have been working on for years, so I hope to one day make a game about them meanwhile I have created a world with it's lore, history, etc. for these 2 stories, so I hope to base my games around this world and improve over time until im ready to create my 2 stories.

A little about me. I love Fantasy RPG's like Dragon Quest. My favorite game of all time is Fallout 3, second favorite is Mass Effect 2 and third is Kingdom hearts 2.
I have been gaming since I was 4-5. Im from Puerto Rico, im 19 and I was tempted to say "Yes" when I was asked if I was a bot just to see what would happen... :/



Progress Report - 25/01/2016

Looks cool. Good job so far.

Destiny Chronicles (a League of Legends rpg / visual novel)

Looking forward to it.

The Witch's House

This game was awesome, it made me really love horror RPGMaker games when a friend recommended it to me a long time ago. Apparently it's here too xD

My lazyness in game development.

Thanks for all the ideas guys. It has helped, I have been working on my game daily again now. Hopefully I finish it soon.

I gotta say another problem I have is that I have these other 2 stories I am working on and im so obsessed with them that I can't focus as much on my game's story. I wish I could make a game about them, but the time's just not right yet.

My lazyness in game development.

Yeah I understand the points you all make and I did have a habit of working on my game. Every night after my day had basically ended at like 3-4am I worked on my game and did a couple of things. But then my friends got me to play that RTS game I mentioned that requires me to check it every half hour and it just killed both my habit of working on my game and my sleep schedule...(And we didn't even win!)

So does anyone else also have these problems?
YUP. I try to work on my game, then go "erm...I'm not sure how I Want to design this, I'm going to write some ideas down in a notepad file and-wait, why am I playing Evochron Legacy and why is it time for bed already? Shoot..." ;_;

I'm making progress, but veerrryy slowly. Between school and distractions, I'm not doing so much.

Same! Right now im reading this and thinking "Yeah you are all rightt! Im gonna work on my game right now-Wait why is my xbox controller in my hands?...why did I just insert Skyrim?...oh no...oh no...nooooooooooo!" *Isn't heard from again in days*

My lazyness in game development.

Procrastination is a pain...

I have been working on a game with RPGMVX ACE for almost a year now and I am not even close to finishing it. Reasons being my own incredible lazyness, my ambition, pc problems and that I am WAY to indecisive for my own good. I mean I spend too much time freaking out over the smallest thing in my game and im being completely serious...

All the distractions that create my lazyness are the biggest problem. I mean how can I concentrate on making a game when Netflix keeps adding my favorite shows and my soon to be favorite shows! And all the videogames I keep playing don't help (Curse you Fallout and Civilization!) and my friends keep getting me addicted to this RTS game called Battle Dawn that I quitted 2 years ago --_--
Not to mention all the anime I watch in order to get inspiration and yet I end up obsessing over them and mourning for them a while after I finish them (Demn feels!!).

And I am really stubborn at working on my game for some reason, like I know I enjoy working on it, but I still choose not to. (Im like that too for when I have to watch a new season of a show/anime I like or after a while of not watching.) Basically I need to get in the zone for a while in order to obsess over it again and get things done. lol

So does anyone else also have these problems? Or am I the only lazy dude here and you are all hard workers that put me to shame >_>

How do you guys avoid getting distracted?


This is... this is where I am in life right now. All of my decisions, commitments, and effort have led to that moment. Everything I've done had culminated to me putting faces on underwear.
And this is the perfect tagline to get players hooked into your game. As if the title screen weren't enough.



3rd place gg xD

Also Red_Nova needs to make that game he made a title screen off. It would be bigger than any AAA game out there for sure! xD


Bummer deal, Harbinger. I was having trouble coming up with a good idea, too, but then I used one from the Insanity Jam Idea Generator to make my game.
"A farming game where you sell gross barbarians beside a modern day racetrack and find a modest headline."

WOW lol that's definetely unique