My name's Kasey Ozymy. I'm a writer/musician from Texas. I call myself this even though I haven't made a dime from my work.

Check out the progress for Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass here:
Jimmy and the Pulsating ...
One day, Jimmy looked inside.
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Mapleish Story
  • Heroes of Umbra
12/28/2014 05:53 PM
Tomcat with a Shotgun
  • Perseverance
07/31/2014 10:46 PM
An Interactive Primus Video
  • The Astonishing Captain Skull
01/26/2014 01:48 AM
A Victim of Its Own Great Atmosphere
  • VorlorN
01/11/2014 09:43 PM
A Great Game to Pull Your Hair Out Over
  • Dhux's Scar
12/29/2013 11:13 PM
Genetically Engineered to Make You Go "Aww..."
  • The Grumpy Knight
12/20/2013 06:25 PM
Halloween Flop Levels Up
  • Halloween Bash
12/18/2013 11:14 PM
A Competent Time Waster
  • Teenage Costume Squad
11/12/2013 05:40 AM
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