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Fame & Anonymity In The RM Community

I've been around for 5+ years and I do exactly jack with anyone from RMN.

I literally have to pound on peoples attentions to do anything short of RMN forum or discord chat around here.

Why? I dunno. I hate how completely transparent I am. All people think of with Illy is OMG SNEK

(And that's me basically forcefeeding it to the discord over the past ??? years)

Critical Hit! (hali's review thread)

Wow, you've been playing TF for like 8 months XD

How big is it??

I Am Somewhat Concerned I May Actually Be Addicted To Marijuana

I'm not sure what advice you're seeking here. Are you just wanting advice to try to see if you can cut down on how much you use? I can see how it would 'seem' addicting with the way it's become habitual, but you never know with science.

If you are looking for suggestions on how to 'curb your need' for the drug, I'd suggest baby steps. Take it like you would exercise. A little at a time, over a period of time, before escalating to the next step. Take one day off a week. A few weeks down, increase it to two a week. Stagger them apart, don't go back to back. Eventually add more and more time off and see if you start to feel less stressful about not being on the drug? Not saying stop completely, obviously it's for medical purposes, but if it's affecting you negatively, I recommend baby stepping down the magnitude to a level you feel more comfortable with.


Fun so far, but I'm stuck. The ship did not appear when the elf king gave it back

Are you using the most up-to-date version? The ship should appear at the southern dock of Elfheim once you speak to the King after acquiring the Orb of Fire.

'Nother RPG Maker (and Visual Novel Maker) Humble Bundle

Still waiting for Pixel MV. Rather sad it's not in the lineup.


What is this exactly? Came outta nowhere.

Release the Dead




Talk about RM Games! Mid-Year Misao Discussion Topic

...But yeah, I think for like traditional JRPGs made in rpgmaker, we got.

Theia: The Crimson Eclipse,
Villnoire (very cool first boss fight, where you need to revive a character to fight for you)
and Exile. (if it gets released this year)

Very, very cool.

Queries about AI for a turn based tactics game

This is the one reason I haven't started a tactics style game in RPGMaker yet.