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King of Grayscale 2
Sequel to King of Grayscale, a black and white gameboy-esque title!




Three of my favorite people on one project.

That's right. I'm here to cheer.

I need more puzzles to add to my LIST! Go! Go! Go!

Theme Roulette 4

Well, uh, turns out I don't own a Linux, so Zakariya if you could be so kind as to get me a version that runs in windows? I tried to copy an .exe from another renpy game, but no dice. I'll have to start with Garages gam tonight and see if I can play yours next stream.

Theme Roulette 4

Next stream I'm planning for Tuesday night! Same time as usual, 9pm-ish EST.

Next in line is Zakariya's gam, followed by Garage's gam if I have time!

Theme Roulette 4

Next stream will be Wednesday, approximately 9pm EST. I'll go for an hour or two, next gam will be Fflo's, followed by Frogge if I have time!

Theme Roulette 4


Next strem will be Thursday night, around 9pm EST. I'll play for only an hour or two.

We'll be starting with orochii's game since it is now fixed, and them following up with pianotm's if I have time!

Theme Roulette 4

Just finished the next stream, I had to skip orochii's game for technical difficulties for now so I'll slide it down the list til it gets ready. I was able to play Marrend, anyon175, and Aegix's gams.

They were all interesting and fitting of their themes! I had a lot of fun with Aegix's, I'll probably be going back to finish that one~

If you missed the stream, you can always watch the video on my twitch page!

Theme Roulette 4

Okay guys! I got my next day planned for more TR4 streams, since last one was so short I was only able to finish Yellow Magic's game. We'll be starting with orochii's game next stream, and the plan for it is tomorrow, on Labor Day!

The time I'm still up in the air about, but I'll make sure to make a post with a little time before I start. It will likely be in the early afternoon - somewhere between noon and 2ish EST (Roughly 24 hours from this post).

Theme Roulette 4

Okay! So I've decided I'm starting the stream on Friday (9/1) at 9pm EST (Approximately 48 hours from this post).

I'll just be going right down the list as presented on the event page, starting with Yellow Magic's game! I'm still getting used to my new job and I have plans Saturday, so I can probably only get a few hours in for this stream.

The stream will be held on my twitch page

For those of you that can't make it, I'll be cutting them into individual videos for each gam that can be watched later! I'll post here again when I have the next stream scheduled, as I doubt I'll get through all of the games in one sitting.

Theme Roulette 4

And now for the surprise!


I'll make plans to begin streaming these guys on Friday, at 9pm EST. I'll post my twitch details in here for those of you that aren't in the discord!

I'll also make a listed order so that those that want to see their games played can attend when they're being played!