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RMN's Favourite Video Game Tracks of All Time

RMN's Favourite Video Game Tracks of All Time

Dear god. I've heard so many iconic tracks over the years I wouldn't even know where to start.

Any League of Legends or Dota fans?

I used to play HotS.

Then they killed my Vikings.

I could probably go back, for Varian <3 at least.

21 Years: A Birthday Game For Muffle

It was Tempus and Seeeeeeth

Awful haikus

It takes a tough man
To make a tender chicken
Rest In Peace, J5

RMN Summer Pixel Quilt 2019

zDS - is that Cope Island?

Also, awesome job everyone!

Final Fantasy: Sky Warriors


Version 1.4 is live!

After spending a good 30 minutes trying to recreate this 'canoe everywhere' bug I've heard people come across on several occasions, I was unable to recreate it.

I've made some adjustments to both the ship and canoe, hopefully these problems will never occur again. I've also fixed an NPC typo in Crescent Lake and corrected the incorrect spell description of Ruse (The item, not the spell itself).

Unfortunately if your save is beyond the point where you speak with the King of Elfheim after retrieving the Orb of Fire, you will not have access to the sea faring ship. This of course, is of little concern to those that already have the airship, but it will be the case.

21 Years: A Birthday Game For Muffle

I believe you can. Lavvy has the final word on that though.

Theme Roulette 2



Final Fantasy: Sky Warriors

Wow! Thanks for the let's play, UPRC!

There are no plugins! Ahahaha

I do need to go back and clarify that Ruse raises defense like Fog does, but it's more and it is user only.

I'm really hoping you don't encounter the common ship/canoe problems. I plan on addressing them again soon, though!