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Theme Roulette 3

Theme Roulette 3

What's this?! Only 19 hours to go!

Get those games submitted!

A Collection of Firsts

NAME: Zodiac Quest

ENGINE: Half translated Super Dante 2 Rom


DESCRIPTION/PLOT: Something along the lines of rounding up 12 magic swords to save the world. I was still in middle school, sooo... probably 1995 or 1996. kenton is older than me wtf

FEATURES: Goo, the AI controlled slime party member. You save him in an ice cave while he was being bullied by other mean slimes.


Worst Unit Type

Theme Roulette 3

Signups are officially over!

I will be handing out the last themes to any new arrivals, and be warned - new signees will not be receiving themes!

You snoozed, you lose'd!

Theme Roulette 3

I'm bout to head to bed then I've got a thing to do tomorrow which may stretch a few hours past the deadline, but if you're wanting to sign up, better do so before I get to the computer tomorrow evening, cuz I'll be doing the last theme rolls for those that have signed up before then and then that's it! Er, that time being here in probably... 14-16ish hours. needs your help (again)!

Could have some event where we do something for server donations?

Theme Roulette 3

Signups end in three days! I'll be handing out the last themes on Sunday!

Critical Hit! (Road to Paradise: The Dragon reviewed!)

I was told to request a Pixel Story LP since my KoG one has now been LP'd.

The person who told me to make the request may or may not have been myself.