Just a relic of a forgotten past. Pay me no mind. :P

If you want to add me on steam, just look for my name and avatar on there. We can play TF2. ;)
Arcanion Chronicles: Dem...
A side story from the main line series. Which focuses on the story of a lady arch fiend. Ousted from her domain, she seeks to return and punish the ones who kicked her out of her home.


I can't find this one website.

My memory is just like my aging, it gets worse every year.

I'm trying to find this one site that had some cool lookin' monsters, I recall seeing em' on that Ill Will game, and now I can't remember for the life of me on where to find it. I checked the resource faqs and none of em' had the site I was looking for. (Maybe it did, but if it did the link was broken.)

Anyone know where I can find these things, I will appreciate your assistance. Then I will probably forget about it the next day, but its the thought that counts, right? Heh heh heh... :3

P5 Title Screen (Yes, another title screen request.)

Um... hey there folks. J-Man here for a request.

It seems my title page making skills are as always horrid, so I come looking to the folks here at RMN to be of assistance in making me a title page for my latest installment for Phantasia 5.

The only thing is... I need one for both my title screen and one to show as a picture. (And if you wanna help with a game over screen, that'd be grand too.)

What I would like on it... hmm... use your imagination... if you seen some of the other title screens on some of the other P Games. They have like some mystical feel to them. But if you can make it have like a mystical feel to it, then that'd be great. Thanks and hope to get something.

Credit shall be given, if you want. Since its a step closer to getting this damn project completed once and for all. Ha ha ha. Come to think of it, I have always asked someone to make me a title screen, ha ha.

Something happened...

Okay... time for explination first.

I tried closing down rm2k3, and it wasn't closing down like it should be, instead it gave me the not responding thing... I just did a force shut down thing... a few hours later, I opened up my game... and I noticed a lot of my stuff was black... and the RPG_RT.Idb was 0 Megabytes, I looked at a slightly older folder of mine... and it had a higher numbuer of MB... did the force shut down cause my RPG_RT Idb go stupid or something else...

And is there a way to recover it? I lost a hefty amount of data... and I would NOT like to make it all again...

ToD chipsets giveaway thingy.

Howdy ya'll J-Man here and I am donating some shtuff.

I have learned how to rip from games... sorta, and my main focus at the moment is Tales of Destiny, and I'll try to make em' as chipsets as much as my attention will last. Hope you will have some use for them.

For this one here, to make full use of the chipset you'll have to use variables for the water areas to give it more omph and stuff, and to make it even more complex, make it transparent but that requires a lot of copy and paste.

I need testers, a lot of em'.

Hello ya'll J-Man here, and I am in need of major help... I need testers, a lot of em' for my biggest project yet, I have only 2, but I will need say 50... jokin' but I will need a hefty amount for Phantasia 5... and taking the advice that many have given me through Arcanion, I could also use help in the writing department, Ephiam has offered and I accepted, but I also need at least two testers to proof read the fuck out of the game.

While the rest need to just look for bugs and any and I do mean ANY spelling, and grammer, nitpick, anything, I could care less if it annoys the crap out of me, Test test test.

It is my biggest and possibly my final biggest project I will produce and I really don't want this one to end up like the others. Ha ha ha. So if anyone is up for helpin' me out, that'd be great.

Some vids on it.


Requesting Title Screen!

(We can still request these right?)

Hey there ya'll J-Man here in need of the powers of the great artists that dwell in this wonderful forum of great wonders. I am in need of a title page, one that says "Arcanion." As to what is on this title screen of happiness, if you can have like an continent with 6 orbs and stuff around it?

Thanks for whoever hooks me up. :D

Changing backrounds.

Small question!!!

Is there a way to change a normal backdrop to a moving one? Like say if you're about to enter a killer powered up screen thingy like in Marvel vs Capcom when they use their supers and the screen changes to some killer backround and then back to normal, how in tarnation do I do that?

Transfer Save Data

Hey ya'll J-Man here and I got a question for the super smart rm2k3 users like yourselves who know a hell of a lot more than me in terms of programming.

How do ya do that Transfer Save Data on to another game thingy? I seen it done in Legion Saga 1 & 2 but I could never figure out how it works. I tried copying the map both folder and program and doing the switcheroo but nothin' seems to be workin'. Is there somethin' I'm forgettin' to do? :-\
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