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Update ( 4/11/2011 ) - Culminating Checklist V: Call to Testers

hello., .i am very good at testing game. i can test "hard" very much thank you.

Mixing RPG aspects into your RPG

That's how gamers are today. And yeah, you guessed it: as is pretty much always the case in every topic and every post I make, I'm pissed off. I happen to really, really like Final Fantasy Tactics. And, you know, RPG game play in general.

Tactics was amazing the depth of thought you had to put into was exciting, i understand where you are coming from i enjoyed those games immensely. The majority of people anymore have attention spans much to short to appreciate what those kind of games have to offer.

"unlock calculator" is not the height of strategy.

calunio, it is not really a distortion at all. You play a role in nearly every video game. what would you have them be called? D&D based games? that is essentially what they are and why they are referred to as role playing games.

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Kyrsty is a cutie!
Even as Squall...

you forgot something

Breath of Fire: A Line Ended

Those sprites need a LOT of work. I suggest giving your descriptions of the characters to someone who's more talented with creating or editing sprites.

Also, the Chetrye clan? There are established clans in the BoF universe, and that isn't one of them. =)

there are established characters in bof2 as well. (ershin is not one)

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MOG where is gam making ribbon

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mog what do those badge things mean what do they mean mog mog tell me mog

What's up with the damn profanity?

nobody is a. offended by either thing b.convinced

The Mirror Lied Review

It's not the sort of game I'd review imho. It...isn't really a game. I don't know what to call it, but it isn't really a game.
Why not?

no random battles

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that's a good idea OR we can make a rule that if you post something like hey good lookin what's cookin and you're talking to a girl you have to attach a picture of yourself with your shirt off