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I don't know about you all, but a Female Squall for FF8 would have been cool.

I have a theory that Squall always wanted to wear shorts all along but he was embarrassed by his leg hair. But he knew if he shaves his legs and wore shorts Seifer would just call him gay and dunk him into a toilet over and over again. So the only option was pants. Since It is socially acceptable for only women to have shaved legs in the backwards repressed environment of Balamb Garden, picture 1 might indeed be the most accurate representation of female Squall.

I don't know about you all, but a Female Squall for FF8 would have been cool.

I actually didn't have a point to make I just wanted to trick you into posting in this thread again with a sexman.

I was told recently that shorts are both comfy and easy to wear. Can anyone confirm or deny this. Perhaps the answer to this question shall shed some light on this subject.

I don't know about you all, but a Female Squall for FF8 would have been cool.

p.s. this thread??? could really benefit from 3-D browsing. just an idea.

Searching for people that can improve my script of my 3 Final Tear games

I have a Masters degree in English and some spare time. I would be happy to help you with this.

3-D browsing?

While looking at RMN's front page today, I've noticed that there seems to be a large effort to capture the viewers' attention in any way possible. The current method seems to be by throwing so much content on the front page that no matter where you click you get something cool!! But I've been thinking a lot lately, and it seems like an even BETTER way to grab attention would be to implement 3-D browsing, so the game screenshots literally pop out at you. Featured game? Yeah right, with 3-D browsing, EVERY game will look good enough to be featured! I think this will really boost traffic and bring RMN to the forefront of game developer websites in this new technologicaly Web 3.0 Age.

I don't know about you all, but a Female Squall for FF8 would have been cool.

i don't care what gender/sex/whatever squall is I am gonna get up in that business an d spread the true mission of SeeD goddamn

I don't know about you all, but a Female Squall for FF8 would have been cool.

squall was a female

WYRM WARRIORS! Design a character!

don't owrry craze I jericho am here to assist you...

Blaïze the Cremater

Gender: Genderqueer. Preferred pronoun is "xe"
Age: 16
Description: In the summer of 168 A.F. a baby was abandoned at the foot of a volcano. Xe was taken in by a group of fire mages and taught to use fire magic, and it seemed to all that the Blaïze was a prodigy, making xem very arrogant as a result. On xyr sixteenth birthday, the Flame Council saw fit to inform xem of xyr unique heritage. Blaïze discovered that xe was 1/4 wyrm, 3/4 wyzard. Lusting for answers as to who xyr parents were, Blaïze set off, following the rumor of the "Wyrm Wizard."
Other: Blaïze has a secret. Xe is terrified of fire and only uses it to fit in.
Class: Burnlord
Stats: Very high magic and skill points, very low attack and healing.
Weapon(s): staves, daggers
Armor: Mystic
Skillsets: Fire Magic, Flame Magic, Cooking, Ash Magic
Focus: Single-target damage and charging spells up because the fire temple's motto was 'the bigger the better'

Victory quotes:
Victory- Flame off.
Item drop screen- That's worth about 90 Embercoins™!
Leveling up- OHHHH!! It's hot oh HOHOHOH!!
Opening a chest- Firearms, I hope.
Starting battle (high HP)- I'll burn anyone who comes near me to ashes!
Starting battle (low HP)- Ugh..haha..did it just get colder in here?
Staying at an inn- Time to cool off..
Before final battle with the Wyrm Wizard- I hate you. HATE HATE HATE YOU! I can think of nothing but sending you straight to Hell!
Bath Scene- *nosebleed*
Bath Scene 2- me tinder...
Bath Scene 3- You're a real hottie.
Scene where xe betrays everyone (spoiler(alert)) - Sorry, you're all fired.

Rainfall: The Sojourn Kickstarter ad !

I took the money.


that's not what that word means. reported for lying.