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Guys, don't forget to help out you fellow game makers by TV Troping it up!

Looks like it. The registration process is rather painless, though. No email or anything required.

Guys, don't forget to help out you fellow game makers by TV Troping it up!

I would debate that but this is obviously not the thread for it.

Anyway, It's very likely I'll be doing a SS LP of some game here in the future. Not sure of what because I'm having trouble finding what's been LP'd here and what hasn't. At that time, I could probably contribute to the page of whatever game I choose, but the problem with adding stuff to pages at tvtropes is that not only do I need to recognize the "trope," but I also need to know whatever stupid name the users of that website assign to it. A hurdle I'll jump when I get there, I suppose~

@pokemaniac that argument is dead! and buried! but that actually doesn't contradict anything I said so I am still the omnivictor!

Guys, don't forget to help out you fellow game makers by TV Troping it up!

Visions & Voices got thousands of downloads after exposure on TVTropes. Good sir, I must say "fuck you." Your personal biases against people who visit a popular wiki (like, say, me, or MOG/Feld?) can give you pink sock for all I care - it's not Pepsi publicity, but it's free and it works.

Don't have a cow, man -The Bart Simpson I visit it too and said nothing about the people who do so. But the people who would ever find a game made here through that website should be locked up forever~~~~~~~~~
Also I am positive you are confusing correlation with causation.
Anyway, if this is a community building thing then whatever. But for the purposes of exposure, as was stated in the first post of this thread, tvtropes does not work. bowing out now~

Guys, don't forget to help out you fellow game makers by TV Troping it up!

My point was that if exposure is your goal, tvtropes is the wrong way to go about it. People who read that website typically look up games and shows and literature they already know about. And if they're just randomly browsing to see what media has "action girl" and "dangerous forbidden technique" are probably the same unstable maniacs who write columns about incestuous undertones in children's tv shows. In conclusion, do not advertise to people who are probably literal murderers.

Guys, don't forget to help out you fellow game makers by TV Troping it up!

I feel that if a game is good enough, the weird furry wikipedia rejects will get a hold of it on their own.

Let's Fail At Playing (Let's Play with Craze)

I would encourage you to cut your deaths out of your videos. If not entirely, then compile them into a "Crazy is Captain Retard Worst Mario Player #1" bonus reel.

I'm enlisting for the U.S. Navy.

This is totally the best version of that song.

Let's Examine: A Look at What Makes Games Great (or Not)

Full credit goes to Quovak of the SA forums. Go read his fantastic Golden Sun LP~

To me, Chrono Trigger is still the gold standard of how to design an RPG, and one of the many things it gets right is how to set up game progression. The end goal (Defeat Lavos) is very far off, so you're constantly forced into sub-goals. These work because they're clearly connected to the main quest so they don't feel like filler but are also sufficiently stand-alone to the point that it's easy to keep track of what you're doing and why. That way, you always have some progression like this:

Ultimate Goal: Defeat Lavos
How: By defeating Magus before he can summon Lavos
How Lv. 2: By recruiting Frog to fight Magus
How Lv. 3: By restoring the Masamune for Frog to wield
How Lv. 4: By getting dreamstone from the past to mend the Masamune
Complication: In the past, Azala and the Reptites steal your Gate Key, stranding you there.
Current Goal: Go after Azala and the Reptites.

Going after Reptites is incredibly detached from fighting Magus, but the progression feels natural. You know full well why your characters have to do each step, you can track the logic of the game, and hunting down Azala seems like an integral part of defeating Lavos rather than something the developers threw in as padding. This is an example of how to handle progression well.

Compare this to Golden Sun. A mere minute after you get your goal you're forced to get sidetracked and it isn't even remotely clear why. If you try to go ahead, you'll see the path blocked by ivy, but not only is this a poor obstacle logically (you really can't burn or cut it?), it doesn't give you any clue about what you're looking for. The only reason to go to Vault is because Camelot put it right in your path, but that's a terribly unsatisfying and incredibly artificial motive. If I were Chrono, I would chase after Azala; if I were Isaac, I would borrow some hedge clippers and ignore Ivan and the thieves entirely.

Let's Examine: A Look at What Makes Games Great (or Not)

Cave Story is pretty basic to begin with, to be honest. Yes, it can be tricky, but that's why recharge stations and savepoints are frequent.

But I disagree on your point that games have to be "insultingly basic" to start off with. It's rather irritating when a game treats me like I've never played a game before.

Pacing VS Character Development

Anakin Skywalker is not interesting because George Lucas was 100% behind him. Unlike Darth Vader. Also, Anakin was a villian for about thirty minutes and played by a wooden actor. And also none of the prequels made any fucking sense at all.

Even in the original trilogy, Vader's feelings and motivations are explored, culminating in the excellent scene at the end of Return of the Jedi. Furthermore, Spock EUUEgugh