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Retro horror RPG with tense combat. Shoot the invisible enemies before they reach you!



Love is Dead Review

Thanks for writing a review of this thing! I keep wanting to resurrect this game, but I'm never sure what to keep and what to leave out. This feedback helps out a great deal!!

Moon Tree


Safety: Life Is A Maze

I LOVE THIS GAME!! Not just one of my favorite RM games, but a favorite game, period! The story, the artwork, the music, and the punishing gameplay all work together in harmony to create an unforgettable experience & a gripping atmosphere.

I meant to say this years ago but I only got an account here recently

Mouth Sweet

Hey, I got it working!! I had to do some weird file conversion stuff, but it extracted :) This game had a lot of moments I could relate to. Very well done.

Thanks so much for playing! I'm glad you got it to work!!

Mouth Sweet

Very interesting, effective and affecting. Thank you for sharing this.

Thanks for playing. :>

Mouth Sweet

Can you unzip the .zip file? The RPG_RT.exe ought to be in there. I really don't know of any other way to distribute this. A friend of mine was using the same setup as you and got it to work somehow, but I don't have a mac and I don't know how winebottler works, sorry :<

Mouth Sweet

Yes, that was intentional for Easy Mode. Easy Mode is mostly there for accessibility, which I think is important - I have friends & family who are hard of hearing and cannot do the combat portions at all, so I wanted it to be an option to skip them entirely. Normal Mode is a very different experience! You can actually get pretty far in Normal Mode without drawing your gun, but you'd have to fight eventually.

The footsteps aren't in stereo until you go into First Person mode. If you never drew your gun, then the footsteps you heard weren't panned at all. So it might be your sound system, but I'll go back and make sure I didn't accidentally tweak something...

Thanks so much for the feedback! :D

Mouth Sweet

I just uploaded the file, so you can try it now if you want! :D
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