The site owner spouts white supremacist garbage and the mods react to my concerns by laughing at me. I'm not going to put up with a toxic community like this anymore.



What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

Dangit, I've already plotted out when you'll encounter each of my 16 characters in the game - now I have to fight the urge of making -more- characters.

Mario Maker's impact

Automatic/Idle games aren't popular because they're so well-designed, but rather because the effort to play them is so minimal that you can play them pretty much any time, including during playing a legitimately challenging game.

It's also much more likely for a skilled player to enjoy an easy game than it is for an unskilled player to enjoy a difficult one.

Also, I cannot symphatize with people who hate it when players prefer not to be overly challenged. It's this mentality why communities around difficult games are so unbearable.

Help with Boss Stats[RMVX ACE]

It sounds great. I'm not sure how to go about making new skills yet. I've been looking into how to do it. Everything is still just regular skills that come with ace. I like the concept.

Hope I'll see the game done so I can see your other bosses.

[RM2K3] Cosmic World Map?

You need a different tile set for it. Otherwise, do a parallax map with a space background.

What are the most simple battle systems that still work well?

Rock-Paper-Scissors still works well.

There's an article for it. No exceptions.

What's Your Favorite Anime? Is it Okay to Ask This???

Arc-V starts out seeming like it is going to be like ZeXal, but then gets amazing when...

Like 7 character get killed off in the span of three episodes, and some major plot twists

Response to spoiler:
Killing off characters in record speed isn't something I'd consider amazing. 99% of the time, my reaction is something like "who was that again?" and "of course he was gonna die".

What are you thinking about right now?

Even if they don't "bump uglies" in a game, in my imagination they will. I wouldn't watch gay porn no matter how great the persons involved are. I'm pretty sure most people think that way, judging by the popularity of anime amongst males of a certain type.
what does that have to do with anything. at all. are you physically not able to play games with non-hetero characters because your mind can't stop imagining them fucking?

you might be gay. it's okay! just don't tell fearful or he'll think you're doing it for attention.

This is a prime example of homophobia. A person who can't stand anything related to homosexuals and their culture out of fear of being mistaken for gay.

What's Your Favorite Anime? Is it Okay to Ask This???

One Punch Man is probably my favourite so far - takes the shonen protagonist formula to its logical conclusion (although styling itself more like a western super hero story) and also shows some more slice-of-life moments of these characters.

Yu-Gi-Oh is pretty hit or miss on me. I've come to actually enjoying how freeform the rules were in the Duelist Kingdom arc (although it's hard to follow whose turn it is at times), but Yami Yugi is a pretty meh character. Until the awesomeness that is Waking the Dragons happened, it was overall pretty mediocre. GX was cool, 5Ds went from amazing to terrible at season 12 and gets worse, ZeXaL was bad in an enjoyable way. No idea about Arc-V yet, though.

Help with Boss Stats[RMVX ACE]

It doesn't sound like you have fully realized a concept just yet. Maybe it'll help if I design one of the minibosses to explain a bit.

First, let's assume a few basic roles of the class:

-Deals high physical damage to a single target.
-Can burst with powerful skills that require a recharge turn afterwards. (he draws more arrows)
-Can self-buff to inflict poison, silence or stun on his shots for several turns.

-Deals medium physical damage to either one or multiple targets.
-Very high HP and/or defense.
-Can boost his own target rate and cover allies.

-Deals high elemental damage based on his physical stats.
-Can apply elemental attack effects on allies as well.
-Solid HP and very good resistance to magical damage.

-Deals medium holy damage.
-Various skills to heal allies and ward off/remove negative effects.
-Buffs allies with regeneration and defense boosting effects.

-Deals high physical damage to one target.
-High speed and evasion, with him being able to further boost the latter.
-Can temporarily lower his own target rate.

-Deals high elemental damage to all targets.
-Causes different ailments based on which element is used.
-Can buff allies to do more damage.

Always remember that you need to be clear about what role(s) a character fulfills. Onto my submission for a simple miniboss:

Warlord of the Blood Pit
A servant of the darklord in charge of preparing his minions. He sacrifices people by making them fight to the death in a gladiator-style arena. If the victims won't fight each other, he'll do the work himself.

Features (main)
-Starts the battle with two Executioners at the sides.

Fight Harder!: Buffs the troop's attack. Only used when there's two Executioners.

Kill him!: Greatly debuffs a target's defenses for two turns. Also increases its target rate. Not used when no Executioners are present.

Take this!: Medium physical damage to one target.

Move out!: Brings in another Executioner. Only used when there's less than two present.

Die already!: Medium-low physical damage to the party. High chance to inflict bleeding. Only used on low health.

Armored soldiers loyal to the warlord. They only live to kill whatever they face in the arena.
-They should live at least one turn of focus fire.

Heavy Slash: Hits one target with physical damage. Low chance for bleeding.

Savage Cleave: Hits the whole party and lowers his own defenses afterwards. Only used while buffed with "Fight Harder!".

Defensive Stance: Reduces damage taken for one turn. Also heals him a bit.


I decided not to give exact numbers just yet - it's quite tricky and lengthy to get it right.

The Warlord's buff is mainly to get the player to use control skills in order to avoid being overwhelmed by Savage Cleaves. "Move Out!" helps him pressure the party further even after one or both Executioners are dead. "Kill him!" forces the player to protect a specific party member by having them guard and giving heals and defense buffs. "Die Already!" is a curveball to keep the players from thinking that they got this already. Lastly, I gave the executioners a defensive skill to make focus targetting harder and damage over time effects more lucrative. Heavy Slash and "Take This!" are mostly just normal attacks.

I also hope the flavor text should help integrate the fight into your game. If you're able to get a summoning script, you can make different kinds of executioners, possibly based on roman gladiator types. Otherwise, just make him revive the others.

THROWDOWN! Fight to the finish! Who will survive!?

If Michael Jordan can beat a bunch of monsters who absorbed the power of the entire NBA, a sexy guy with cleaning powers ain't that much of a challenge.

Level 500 Carnax (Adventure Quest) vs. Original Pandemonium Warden (Final Fantasy XI)