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A different form of battle system? [Vx ACE]

So you have a number of action points per round you can sepnd for a different amount of attacks on your party members? Would've been nice if you explained it.

As far as I know, Yanfly Engine Ace's Press Turn Battle should work kinda like that. It also lets agility modifiers affect how many points you get per turn.

What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

@Gredge109: Look at Etrian Odyssey instead - it's very much a roguelike with a more RPG Maker friendly combat system. It also has custom-made dungeons over randomly generated ones, which for your game means you'll have to deal with less variance of things. Having a handmade dungeon will also allow you to have better features in it.

Regarding the thinking of everything, there's no secret to it in Nethack - it's just very perceptive devs working on the game for years on end to keep adding new such interactions (the prime example is that throwing a Potion of Uselessness to slide around ice gives you an artifact from your god who likes that you found a use for it).

But personally, I haven't really been charmed by NetHack because most deaths are sudden powerful monsters from a corner I can't disengage from that beat me to death once I run into either a wall or another monster.

Lastly, the RPG Maker's tileset is fine for making a dungeon crawler game - don't concern yourself with that just yet. I'd be all up for more games with interesting gameplay and less whose purpose is to look pretty.

Autoattle/ Chaos Fighters Battle System

It would take a large amount of effort to make deep compelling gameplay with automated battles, mainly because this mechanic is used in mobile games to make it less skill-dependent and to ensure you can't beat spenders without paying up.

From a pure programming standpoint, it wouldn't be so hard since every RPG Maker lets you give your actors a trait that makes them fight automatically.

If you want to look at a more interesting game with automatic combat, Dominions has that. That game is more on large-scale strategies (not to mention how tedious it would be to micromanage this many units and take forever in a turn-based game). If you're in need for an RPG that does this, Final Fantasy 12 has the gambit system to program allies. I suppose you could make the whole game play out with a programmed AI.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

I've been shambling through the sea of bad Flash RPGs lately and want to report about Mardek RPG. The combat system is atrociously boring, having only direct damage and healing skills, with only a simplistic timed hit system to keep the players from going AFK (given the low difficulty, it's most likely unnecessary to ever make use of it). The dungeons are also stupidly overcomplicated, the humor is too reliant on lampshading and Mardek himself performs terribly. I also found a book that manages to be both sexist and discriminating against its own element lore. It's so bad I want to share it:

author=Book in MARDEK RPG
Elemental traits can also come into play when it comes to love and sexual relationships. Your elemental affinity plays a large part in determining who you're attracted to, and how well relationships with others will turn out for you.

Males, being the dominant gender, also like to be the dominant element in relationships; thus they are attracted to females of the element they are strong against first and foremost. Females, secretly lusting to be dominated and ravished, are attracted to men of the element superior to themselves. So such matches work rather well.

People of the same element can also work excellently together; similarity at the most fundamental levels has many times been the cause for a great love blossoming and flourishing.

Such things as have been mentioned apply only to people with Natural elements; for people with a Moral element, different rules apply. Naturally, they are attracted to people of the same element as themselves, but also to any and all of the Natural elements. Because of this, Morally-elemental people have more choice when it comes to finding a partner that's right for them.

A relationship between the two Moral elements - that is, a Light and Dark couple - CANNOT work, both emotionally and physically. The two people will never get along or fall in love, and even if they did, a child could never physically be conceived in such a relationship.

When a child is born to other couples, however, its element is inherited from its parents. In a dominant-element relationship, the child is of the dominant element. In same-element relationships, the child is of the element both parents share. In Moral-Natural relationships, the Moral element takes dominance.

Consider these things when looking for a partner. Asking for someone's element before anything else is a great way of getting an idea of whether anything will happen or not!

(For reference, the natural elements are Fire>Air>Earth>Water>Fire and the moral ones Light><Dark)

Topic (Game Design). +5 Curiosity. Lowers productivity by 10% if used during Work.

I feel that interesting effects are just as nice to read as flavor text, so you don't need to try and squeeze flavor description in if the skill already has an effect so impressive or fun that that alone makes it enjoyable to use. However, there's rare cases in which making the description more flavourful makes it easier to understand, such as this card in Magic the Gathering:

author=Raging River, printed Text
When you attack, non-flying defending creatures must be divided as opponent wishes between the left and right sides of the River. You then choose on which side of the River to place each attacking creature, and attacking creatures can only be blocked by flying creatures or those on the same side of the River.

author=Raging River, official Errata
Whenever one or more creatures you control attack, each defending player divides all creatures without flying he or she controls into a "left" pile and a "right" pile. Then, for each attacking creature you control, choose "left" or "right." That creature can't be blocked this combat except by creatures with flying and creatures in a pile with the chosen label.

Which one do you think is more understandable?

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

Maybe you want to make the minecart block the way to force the player to interact with it. Preferrably such that you have to interact with it from the right angle. Also, don't make it possible for the player to block themselves in obviously.

While the doors look pretty nice on their own, they'd fit better into the tileset if they were blockier. Also, maybe you want some wavy pattern in the water as well.

[RPG Maker MV] Formulaic stat growth

Something like EgyLynx is what I mean - even though I think the given formula is a bit too extreme. 10L+L^2 equals 11 at Level 1, 3000 at Level 50 and 10791 at Level 99.

I'll probably use generate curve until I can use that.

[RPG Maker MV] Formulaic stat growth

I planned out some stats so far for my RPG, but the problem is how bad fine-tuning those stats is. All I can do is use a -very- rough growth curve or type in every single stat by hand, which is driving me insane. So, how do I make it so that I can type in a formula from which the individual stats are derived?

J.E. Sawyer (designer: Fallout, Icewind Dale, Pillars of Eternity) on Turn Based Combat

It occurs to me that I have played something that might qualify as a turn-based fighting game. (It was closer to active time, in that player and opponent had initiative bars that filled up at different speeds depending on stats.) It had some mildly interesting mechanics to it, revolving around attacks doing different amounts of damage and also varying the amount of time it took for your turn to come again.

I don't think I can link to it because 1) it's a porn game and 2) I've totally forgotten what the heck it was even called. It, uh, involved some martial art dude who for whatever ridiculous reason decided to go hunt a vampire (and then creepy porn ensues) if anyone really feels like trying to track it down. I was hoping for some hot Dracula action and then got caught up in the gameplay OK DON'T JUDGE ME

There's a few other turn-based fighting games I can think of you might wanna talk about:
-Yomi Card Game
-Kombat Fighters

Interesting how the latter two are small flash games available for free (trust me, they're awesome).

Hi! I'm 17 and have ideas.

I assume you have at least one RPG Maker program, do you?