The site owner spouts white supremacist garbage and the mods react to my concerns by laughing at me. I'm not going to put up with a toxic community like this anymore.



What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

It's Catty from Undertale. She and Bratty, along with Burgerpants, are my favorite vendors from that game.
That's literally half of the vendors in the game.

I need someone with writing experience to evaluate if my idea for bonding scenes is good - basically, you find unique marked spots that trigger a skit involving two characters (which you have to have in your party for). I planned to have one for each character pair among 16 playable characters, which equals 110 dialogues in total. This sounds like an amount I can handle, but can anyone confirm if it is reasonably doable?

Race and Gender in Games

If I ever write a character of a marginalized group I'm not part of (autistic here, but I'd rather not discuss this in detail here) and I worry that this character is a bad stereotype, I'd most likely ask a person of that group for opinions.

Personally, I feel more comfortable writing women as well, to the point that I have twenty-one female named characters and no males so far in my current project.

Race and Gender in Games

Well, only the first article writer specifically chooses to call out media that lack representation. However, I do agree with you on two fronts in that enforcing something is not only prepesterous on it's own, it's also not going to accomplish representation.

But I'd sooner take a request on more PoC characters than, say, writing a different style of story: While writing a different genre requires me to do a lot of reading, studying and understanding, I can make the main character of my game PoC by simply changing the color palette (or simply write a story around an existing PoC).

[RMVX ACE] Problem with "party level" on enemy skills

I think it should be the average - one way to test it would be to make a battle test with a Level 1 and a Level 4 character and check if skills are used on Party Level 2/3/4 and above.

Race and Gender in Games

I would like to share several articles about erasure of marginalized people and why it's important for them to be featured. It's these kind of stories why I bothered making such a topic in the first place. By the way, I just looked on this and the next page of the Game Design forum; this is the only topic about representation of marginalized people in games.

THROWDOWN! Fight to the finish! Who will survive!?

Trump is a much bigger presence than Sanders and 5 years younger. Though I don't want to make a prediction on who'll win the election, Trump would certainly win a Deathmatch.

Charles Barkley vs. Shaquille O'Neal

All hail the dragon RPG fans!

Game making happened to me once I got playing cards, from which I got myself game ideas. For making computer games, it started when I got a program called StageCast Creator 2 (which is only good for simple puzzle games). Some time later I found RPG Maker 2000, which eventually led me through every RPG Maker after that.

[RMVX ACE] New member

Your topic indicates two possible things:

1. "I'm a new user who works on RPG Maker VX Ace" - please introduce yourself over here if you feel the need for an intro topic.

2. "How do I add another party member in RPG Maker VX Ace?" - To do this, go into the Database to define the actor you want to add (you may also want to make a class), then run an event in the game with the "Add Party Member" command, adding the actor you want to join.

Regarding the events, those are generally contests for making content such as games, graphics or music where you can win Makerscore and badges. If you aren't a frequent contributor, don't concern yourself with these.

[RMVX Ace] How do I put text over pictures?

In the events, you display the cutscene image with "Show Picture" and let dialog run across. You can later erase the picture with an event, which you should do after the cutscene or after displaying the next image in your cutscene.

If you want pure text, you'll need to load a different windowskin with no visible windows.

PS: The image looks broken from here.

Symmetry in Battle Systems

1. I tend to hate environmental effects because 99% of the time, "bad for everyone" means "bad for you only" because the enemies in the area will either completely ignore the downsides (e.g. FFT's poisonous swamp being full of enemies immune to poison) or the effect is set up such that the enemies won't get hit (water rises in Tactics Ogre during heavy rain, but the enemy always has the high ground). Giving the player a terrain advantage or useful objects needed to fight back enemies would be nice.

2. You prevent solvability with randomness, either by making hits or effects chance-based (like Battle for Wesnoth) or by hiding information from the player (like Stratego).

3. Pokémon is wierd when it comes to symmetry - every lineup enemy trainers have can be replicated, but especially in the early game, notable trainers such as Gym Leaders can have Pokémon you cannot obtain at this point. Furthermore, there's some oddball cases like Barrier Dragonite and Earthquake Lanturn. Lastly, regarding impossible stats, some of the sidegames have been experimenting with traditional bosses (Bittercold, Dark Rust) - there's also a few GSC romhacks that have enemy Pokémon above Level 100.