An aspiring game designer. I have absolutely no knowledge of game design in any aspect and am frantically searching for more information. Some article or another led me to this website and so far so good.

As for my likes, well a few would include music (currently learning guitar), anime, martial arts, movies, reading, art, photography, and it goes without saying, video games :p. There's more of course but that's just what comes to mind.

Currently I'm in the military, preparing for the civilian life in less than 2 years (hence the frantic searching and learning).

I'm always open for new advice, friends, anything really.



Microsoft Courier

I take it, it fits in the iPad's headphone jack. ;) j/k man, lol

Microsoft Courier

That's true. A netbook would have a solid OS packed in it but you can't draw on a netbook (as far as I know) which for me, is a neat advantage of this gadget. It's not for everyone I say, but it is a nice commodity for those with it's features in mind. I hope that it has an app for 3D drawing (similar to the iPhone's iSculpt).

Microsoft Courier

Well I thought so too. But that's my point. Someone needed to answer Apple's 'meh' with 'blamo I got +7 internets with my awesome gadget'. I came across this because I wanted to by an ereader. I was looking into the Kindle vs. iPad. I know the iPad is an oversized iTouch, but if I was going to buy an ereader it wouldn't kill me to have something that does things other than just books.

That's when I came across this and figured I'd try to garner some opinions on it. I myself see myself waiting for this thing to debut as I'm not in a particular rush for an ereader or tablet PC.

Microsoft Courier

Haha, sorry, I just thought, "hey, someone should look at this, must post link!". Will edit right away.

Microsoft Courier

Anyone else think the Microsoft Courier looks promising?

This is Microsoft's answer to the iPad. It is slated for release towards the end of the year but all details are pretty thin right now.

The concept seems to be leaning towards designers of all kinds but it will do that well if it turns out to be anything like in the videos. It should also be a nice ebook reader and journal keeper amongst other things.

The fact that it folds is great, not only for screen protection but also that you can have a keyboard on one side and screen on the other (i.e. Nintendo DS). I think that setup should be more gamer friendly that the iPad.

As I said, details are slim and the device is only on the drawing board, but I urge you to check out the link and check out the videos.

Engadget - Microsoft Courier:

Combining Sonic elements with RPG elements

If I were to design a Sonic game with RPG elements I would model it after Castlevania: Order of Ecclessia (DS). Towards the end of the game you get an ability that allows you to move really fast and rip through the weaker enemies. In this scenario, all Sonic would need is alternate abilities that he can use quickly while speeding and jumping through levels. He would need to level up and obtain gear, abilities, or whatever for progression, in order to defeat higher leveled enemies.

But as stated before, RPG Maker doesn't seem like a good platform for such a game.

RPG Maker VX Help:

Many thanks. I can't seem to find the "School" link again. It's basically an RM game that teaches you how to do things in the program by playing the game. At least that's how I understood it as I haven't been able to play it.

And I haven't checked them out yet Darken. I'm currently deployed and my internet is really shatty and has problems trying to stream video. I'll give them a shot. They may work if they load the video while it's paused. Thanks for the help.

RPG Maker VX Help:

Excellent KingArthur! That was the info I needed to wrap my brain around it all. One last request: Where is a good place to download the RTP and RGSS2, you know, virus free and the like?

And any ideas why the "School" for RPG Maker won't load for me? It acts like it's going to open up but the window stays minimized and floating. I have no problem playing The Longing Ribbon (aside the fact I get killed alot lol).

post your picture

Sure why not. Don't forget the butter.

lol, but no. It was modeled after this, even though I knew it was a bad idea:

Want to make a game, but i wonder what i should use

Is Game Maker more suited for side scrollers and RPG maker for RPG's respectively or is Game Maker a better program overall? (Figured I'd ask here and not make a new topic altogether).